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Faculty Research Interests

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Faculty Name Program Research Interest
Alexander, David Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • School law for teachers
  • Special education law
Azano, Amy Price English Education
  • Adolescent literacy
  • Rural education
  • Critical pedagogy of place
Barksdale, Mary Alice Elementary Education
  • Literacy studies
  • Literacy Teacher Education
  • Impact of High Stakes Testing on Students and Teachers
Billingsley, Bonnie Special Education
  • Teacher retention
  • Teacher commitment
  • Support of new teachers
Bodenhorn, Nancy Counselor Education
  • School counselor professional development
  • Role definition and self-efficacy
  • Use of technology in school counseling offices
  • International school counseling
Bondy, Jennifer History and Social Science
  • Gender, immigration and education
  • Transnationalism and cultural citizenship, with focus on Latina youth
  • Equity in education, particularly as it relates to youth of immigration
Brand, Brenda Science Education
  • Sociocultural factors influencing students’ participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
Brill, Jennifer Instructional Design and Technology
  • Instructional systems design
  • Systemic change
  • Sociological processes in learning and performance
Burge, Penny Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Diversity issues
  • Gender/women’s education
Burton, John

Emeritus of Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and Education (CITSIE)

Instructional Design and Technology

  • Instructional technology including research versus evaluation and hypermedia -- particularly channels (modalities)
Cash, Carol Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • School leadership, school climate, and change
  • The dynamic between the school building and student learning
  • Instructional strategies, building furnishings, and student academic success
Cennamo, Katherine Instructional Design and Technology
  • Instructional design
  • Application of learning theories to instructional products
  • Video-based learning
Creamer, Elizabeth Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Mixed methods research
  • Qualitative research, particularly grounded theory
  • Women's interest in science and engineering.
Cohen, Joshua Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Quantitative Methods and Assessment
Doolittle, Peter

Director of School of Education

Educational Psychology

  • The investigation of learning efficacy in mobile and multimedia learning environments
  • Cognitive processes and multimedia teaching and learning
Earthman, Glen Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Relationship between school building conditions and student/teacher performance
  • Principal influence on academic achievement
  • School leaders
Ernst, Jeremy Integrative STEM Education
  • Dynamic intervention means for STEM education
Farmer, Laura Counselor Education  
Ganter, Susan    
Garrison, James Foundations of Education
  • Philosophy of education
  • John Dewey
  • American pragmatism
Glasson, George Science Education
  • Ecological sustainability and education
  • Cultural studies in science education
  • Science curriculum development in developing countries
Glenn, William Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • School law
  • School finance
  • Evidence based decision making
Gratto, John Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Superintendent/Board of Education actions that promote student success
  • Principal Leadership and Effectiveness
  • Strengthening School-Community Relations
  • Instructional Leadership
  • School Finance
  • Wellness of School Administrators and Teachers
Hein, Serge Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Gender and ethnic stereotyping
  • Standard setting for education tests
  • Group processes
Hicks, David History and Social Science
  • Teaching and learning history
  • Uses of digital technologies to support the teaching of history and citizenship
  • Special education and parental advocacy
Hirt, Joan Higher Education
  • Professionalization in higher education
  • Higher education administration
  • Administration at different institutional types
Janosik, Steve Higher Education
  • Campus crime
  • Higher education law and policy
  • Professional standards  
Jones, Brett Educational Psychology
  • Motivation
  • High-stakes testing
  • Stereotype threat
Kelly, Michael Educational Leadership Policy Studies  
Kniola, David Educational Research  
Kreye, Betti Mathematics Education
  • Education and training of Mathematics Specialists providing professional development for inservice elementary, middle, and high school mathematics teachers
  • Improvement of student learning through teacher education in best instructional strategies
Lawson, Gerard Counselor Education
  • Clinical supervision
  • Counselor development
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Counselor wellness and impairment issues
Lockee, Barbara Instructional Design & Technology
  • Instructional design for distance education
  • Evaluation of distance education
  • Innovations in distance education technologies 
Magliaro, Susan Educational Psychology
  • Teachers' conceptions of instructional design
  • School change and professional development
Mallory, Walt Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Program evaluation
  • Stress and the principalship-mindfulness Leadership
Mesmer, Heidi Anne Reading Specialist
  • Matching readers with texts (readability)
  • Beginning reading materials
  • Demands of content area materials (math, science, social science)
Miyazaki, Yasuo Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Disentangling macro effects and micro effects via Hierarchical linear mdodeling
  • Models of growth and change for longitudinal data
  • Latent variable modeling
Mukuni, Joseph Joseph Career and Technical Education
  • Portability of technical skills across occupations
  • Trends in the world of work, labor market skill gaps, international best practices in workforce development
  • Demand responsiveness of CTE programs, CTE policy formulation, and indigenous knowledge systems
Mullen, Carol Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Mentoring theory and practice in education across university and K-12 settings
  • Social justice leadership that fosters critically reflective, values-oriented approaches to developing education professionals and systems
Parkes, Kelly Music Teacher Certification
  • Assessment in the applied studio
  • Applied music faculty
  • Music teacher education
Patrizio, Kami Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Agency
  • Organizational Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Qualitative Research and Methodology
Potter, Ken Instructional Design & Technology  
Price, Bill Career & Technical Education  
Price, Ted Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • Alternative Education
  • Leadership Preparation & Effectiveness
  • Urban & Suburban At-risk Students
Robbins, Claire Higher Education
  • Racial consciousness, identity, and dissonance among White women in higher education
  • social identity construction among students and faculty in STEM disciplines
  • use of qualitative methods and critical frameworks to investigate experiences and outcomes in higher education
Serna,Gabriel Higher Education
  • Higher Education Economics and Finance
  • Budgeting and Planning in Higher Education 
  • Higher Education Policy, Enrollment Management, Student-Price Response, College Going and Choice, 
  • Research Design, Applied Econometrics
Sanders, Carrie Brill Counselor Education  
Sato, Takumi Science Education
  • The role of race and racism in the science experiences for youth of color
  • Transform oppressive conditions in order for students to realize their science potential and aspirations
Serna,Gabriel Higher Education
  • Higher Education Economics and Finance
  • Budgeting and Planning in Higher Education 
  • Higher Education Policy, Enrollment Management, Student-Price Response, College Going and Choice, 
  • Research Design, Applied Econometrics
Sherman, Tom

Emeritus of 

Educational Psychology

  • Learning improvement
  • Effects of technology on learning
Singh, Kusum

Emeritus of 

Educational Research and Evaluation

  • Academic achievement, particularly mathematics and science achievement
  • Gender-based differences in mathematics and science
  • School and social factors that affect school engagement and learning
  • Structural equation modeling and regression analysis
Skaggs, Gary Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Large-scale assessment
  • Item response
  • Standard setting
Stewart, Trevor English Education
  • Influences of educational policy and high-stakes testing on English teachers' instructional practices
  • Making creativity a central element of instruction
  • Intersection between language and culture
Tilley-Lubbs, Gresilda (Kris) English as a Second Language Education
  • Transnational ethnographic study of five Mexican women in the Roanoke Valley and their families in Mexico
  • Investigating the impact of parent involvement in the education of immigrant children
  • The impact of service-learning on university students
Tripp, N. Wayne Educational Leadership Policy Studies
  • The superintendency
  • The principalship
  • History of education and historical methods
Twiford, Travis

Emeritus of 

Educational Leadership Policy Studies

  • School funding, particularly equity funding issues
  • School policy development
  • School and school system governance
  • School reform
  • School accountability models
  • Charter schools
  • Organizational dynamics and change
  • School facilities
  • School safety
  • Board/superintendent relations
  • Personnel administration
Ulrich, Catherine (Katy) Mathematics Education
  • Models of how students construct number concepts
  •  Mathematics education policy and instruction
Welfare, Laura

Counselor Education


  • Counselor cognitive development
  • Clinical supervision
  • Evidence based practices in counseling and counselor education
Wells, John Integrative STEM Education
  • Cognitive demands addressed through technological and engineering design based teaching and learning
  • Instructional strategies for design based biotechnology literacy
  • Integrative pedagogical practices among STEM education areas
  • Instructional design and technology
Wilkins, Jay Mathematics Education
  • Mathematics education
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Teaching and learning of probability and statistics
Williams, Tom Special Education
  • Psycho-educational assessment
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Behavior Management
Wilson, Joycelyn Foundations of Education
  • Hip-hop Based Education
  • Ethnographic Research Methods
  • Socio-cultural Factors Influencing Math Education