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Kami M. Patrizio

Assistant Professor


Dr. Kami Patrizio is a qualitative researcher and leader educator with over 20 years of experience in schools, non-profits, and universities. She has conducted evaluations and professional development for federal, state, and district-level school reform initiatives. Kami also consults with superintendents, principals, and teachers about data based decision-making, school reform, and classroom assessment. She is currently Co-PI on the $914,241 NIJ grant (NIJ- 2015-CK-BX-0007) "A Multiple Perspectives Analysis on the School to Prison Pipeline in Virginia".

Kami's research focuses on school safety, collaborative partnerships, and globalized leadership preparation. She relies on qualitative and mixed methodologies to examine the intersectionality of theory and practice, particularly as it relates to issues of global awareness, group process structures, and collaboration. It has been published internationally in top tier journals. Her teaching is closely linked to her research and has garnered her awards, including recognition as Virginia Tech's Teacher of the Week. Kami’s masters and doctoral level courses in leadership, personnel supervision, policy, school culture, instructional leadership, curriculum, and research methods rely on arts-based methodologies to promote the critical thinking skills necessary for globally aware leaders.  Dr. Patrizio's service is also connected to her research.  She played a leadership role in developing the EDEL Program’s UCEA Program Accreditation and serves on the Advisory Board for the Qualcomm-Virginia Tech Partnership. She is also a member of the VT School of Education’s CAEP Advanced Standards Advisory Committee.


Ed.D.  Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Vermont, 2007

M.Ed.  Educational Leadership, Bank Street College of Education, 2004

B.S.  Human Development and Family Studies, Cornell University, 1995

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 

Masters Level Courses

EDEL 5004 - School Personnel Administration and Instructional Supervision: Administration and supervision of human resources and instructional programs in schools. Content encompasses human resources planning, recruitment, selection, assignment, induction, supervision and appraisal, development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and other topics of current interest.

EDEL 5104 – Foundations in Education P-12 Leadership: Educational leadership from an historical perspective. Policy implications for school leaders. School- community relationship. Qualities and skills for school leaders to make intentional, thoughtful, and ethical decisions in their schools. Ethics and integrity expectations in educational leadership.

EDEL 5114 - Leadership and Change in P-12 Education: Leadership and change theories that impact school improvement efforts; skills, and dispositions needed to change organizational culture; globalization and diversity relative to implementing change in educational leadership in the 21st century. Pre: Graduate standing.

EDEL 5134 - Curriculum Leadership in P-12 Education: Examination of curriculum through theory, practice, social forces, politics, diversity, and economics; analysis of contemporary P-12 school curriculum and reflection about the values, beliefs, and assumptions informing curriculum leadership; long-range planning and curriculum assessment.

EDEL 5144 - Instruction Leadership P-12 Ed: Leadership in instructional practices in P-12 education; effective classroom instructional strategies; classroom observation and assessment models; models of including diversity and technology in instructional practices; leading instructional professional development to increase student learning evaluating pedagogy.

EDEL 5604 - Graduate Seminar in Education: Selected topics in administration, counseling, adult and continuing education, research and evaluation, and community college and other domains of higher education. Emphasis is on interactive discourse on topics not typically included in regularly scheduled courses.


Doctoral Level Courses

EDEL 6004 - Theories of Educational Administration: A general course for students of administration in public and private schools, community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities. Content includes purposes and nature of theory in educational administration and the application of organizational theory to education. Theories of decision-making, communication, leadership, climate, power, conflict, change, morale, and motivation are covered.

EDEL 6044 - Governance and Policy in Education: Antecedents of public policy affecting education in the United States, and the relationships between policy making and implementation and educational administration.

EDEL 6104 - Literature Reviews in K-12 Educational Leadership: Literature reviews in educational leadership and related fields; analysis, critique and synthesis of literature representing research, theory, applicability, and commentary in current topic of interest; preparation of initial literature review; evaluative skills used to identify well-constructed research.

EDEL 6914 - Problems in Education: Study of contemporary problems in various education settings such as administration, counseling, community college education, and adult and continuing education.

EDEL 6924 - Professional Seminar: Critical review, presentation, and discussion of current data-based and issues-related literature, either published or presented at recent national meetings. Provides students an opportunity to amalgamate their prior course experiences to produce a draft dissertation prospectus.

EDEL 7704 - Field Studies in Education: Advanced applied research and/or evaluation study in one or more educational institutions or agencies. The student is graded on the basis of the design of the study and ability to conduct the study and report the results.

Dr. Patrizio's current research agenda focuses focuses on two areas. Her first area, the school to prison pipeline, draws on qualitative and mixed methods to examine the intersection of policy, practice, and school/law enforcement partnerships. Kami's work on globally aware leadership development utilizes qualitative and arts based methodologies, like photovoice, to explore the relationship between globalization and university based leadership preparation.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Flessner, R., Miller, G., Patrizio, K., & Horowitz, J. (Eds.). (2012). Experiencing agency in teacher education: Reflection, communities, and learning. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Bolles, E. & Patrizio, K. (in press) Leadership tenets of military veterans working as school administrators. Journal of Leadership Education.

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Patrizio, K. & Stone-Johnson, C. (2015). Curriculum leadership in global context: A self study of educational leadership teaching practices. International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, 19(1), 1-15.doi:10.1080/13603124.2015.1015615

Stone-Johnson, C. & Patrizio, K. (2014). Learning to lead (p)ublic schools. Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education. Available at:

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Patrizio, K. (2008). Looking at student work: Pushing the boundaries of reflective practice. In C. Craig & L. Dretchin (Eds.) Teacher Learning in Small Group Settings:Teacher Education Yearbook XVIII (pp. 161-177). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield with the Association of Teacher Educators.

 Patrizio, K., & Gajda, R. (2007). Demystifying an imperative: Understanding and applying collaboration in the professional development school. School University Partnerships: The Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools, 1(1), 8-28.

Bishop, P., Brinegar, K., Patrizio, K., & Tarule, J.M. (2007). Teacher educators reflect on standards. Teaching & Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry and Reflective Practice, 21(2 & 3), 161-180.


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