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Peter E. Doolittle, Ph.D.

My research agenda is composed of two primary areas:

  1. Higher Education Research: The purpose of this agenda is to investigate various aspects of higher education teaching and learning.
  2. Multimedia Learning Research: The purpose of this agenda is to investigate the interplay between human cognition and instruction in multimedia environments.

Brett D. Jones, Ph.D

My research focuses on the following two questions: (1) What motivates K-16 students in academic settings? and (2) What can instructors do to improve the motivation of K-16 students? As an educational psychologist and motivation scientist, my scholarship aims to answer these questions by (a) contributing to motivation science research and theories and (b) helping instructors apply motivation science to their instruction.

Sue Magliaro, Ed.D.

My research focuses on the development of expertise in teaching, especially instructional design, as well as the creation of successful learning environments for those who are learning to teach. My research involves K-12 teachers in the field, and faculty and students in higher education.

Tom Sherman, Ed.D.

My research interests fall in three categories: learning improvement investigating strategies to increase learner's applications of their intellectual skills and strategies to learn more completely, more quickly, and to remember longer; effective instructional strategies to identify and develop influential classroom instructional strategies; effective educational psychology teaching to explore and apply effective instructional methods to increase the impact of educational psychology courses in traditional and online presentation.