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Application deadlines: Applicants are accepted once per year for the fall semester. To be considered for funding in the form of an assistantship with tuition support, all application materials are due to the Graduate School by February 1. 

All students are required to complete the admissions process at the Graduate School. Additional information about the application process at Virginia Tech can be found at the Graduate School. You can apply online.

The following are required to be admitted to the program:

  • Completion of a master's degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Completion of graduate application and payment of applicable fees.
  • Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended.
  • A GPA of 3.3 or higher in a master's program.
  • An official copy of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.
  • Three letters of reference (we strongly encourage that at least one of these letters be from a person in an academic position and/or are from a recent employer).
  • A statement of qualifications and interest.

A personal interview may be requested. These can be conducted online.

An interview committee may consider the following points:

  1. Previous academic work;
  2. Leadership qualities;
  3. Experience in the field in which the student wishes to pursue a degree;
  4. Current level of understanding of issues and problems in the student's prospective major field of study; and
  5. Clarity of professional goals as related to doctoral study and relevance to the degree.
  1. When ALL application materials are received by the Graduate School, an admission packet is sent to the EDRE Program Leader.

  2. The EDRE Program Leader or designee reviews the application materials to determine if the candidate meets the admission criteria and if there is adequate time to review the materials before the decision deadlines set by the Graduate School. If this is the case, the Program Leader or designee forwards the application materials for review to a minimum of three EDRE faculty members. If the applicant does not meet the stated admission requirements of the program, the Program Leader or designee will reject the application and return it to the Graduate School. If there is insufficient time to act on the application materials, given the Graduate School timeline, the applicant will be contacted and asked if he or she would like to delay consideration until another semester.

  3. In combination with the Program Leader, the EDRE faculty members reviewing the application reach consensus about whether an interview is needed. This is most likely to happen when the fit between the program and the candidate’s future plans is not entirely clear.

  4. Based on all application materials and the interview (if needed) and considering the input of the faculty members reviewing the application, the EDRE Program Leader determines whether the applicant will be recommended for admission. The decision is sent to the SOE Office of Academic Programs for the signature of the Associate Director and is then forwarded to the Graduate School.

  5. The Graduate School makes the final determination and completes the formal correspondence with the candidate.

The applicant will receive notification from the Graduate School of the action taken on the application for admission. For further information and assistance, a student admitted will be directed to contact the faculty member who has been designated as the temporary advisor. The student should contact the faculty member at his or her earliest convenience to set up an appointment for planning the first course enrollment. Please note that the EDRE program has adopted the School of Education computer recommendation.