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Serge F. Hein

Associate Professor


Dr. Serge F. Hein is an associate professor of education specializing in Educational Research and Evaluation (Qualitative Methods). He earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta. To date, he has authored or coauthored over 25 refereed journal articles. He has also contributed greatly to the field by presenting at many national and international refereed conferences.

In addition to being actively involved in research and teaching, Dr. Hein also engages in professional service activities. He is a member of the editorial board for Qualitative Inquiry and has also reviewed manuscripts for such journals as Applied Measurement in Education, Educational Researcher, and Psychological Methods. He is an active member in the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry, having held leadership positions within the organization. Dr. Hein’s contributions through teaching, research, and outreach enrich the Virginia Tech School of Education community.


Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, 1996

M.Ed. Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, 1992

B.Comm. (Main Focus of Coursework: Psychology), Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, 1989

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 

EDRE 6504: Qualitative Methods in Education Research I

EDRE 6524: Qualitative Methods in Education Research II

EDRE 6784: Advanced Issues in Qualitative Research

Dr. Hein’s research deals with both methodological issues in qualitative inquiry and several substantive areas in education. In its broadest sense, his methodological work focuses on the relationship between poststructuralism and modernist science, and the implications of poststructuralist thought for qualitative inquiry. He currently draws on poststructuralist work in investigating methodological issues such as the excess or instability inherent in various concepts and the place of singularity and universality in participants’ descriptions of their experiences. Dr. Hein’s substantive research deals, in various ways, with how social and other forms of context inform human action and the meaning that participants assign to their experiences. Dr. Hein has been an author and principal investigator (PI) or co-PI on several grant-funded projects. Most recently, he is a co-PI on a grant that focuses on standard setting that involves a cognitive diagnostic model. Dr. Hein teaches courses in qualitative research methods and educational research design.

Selected Publications

Hein, S. F. (in press). Deleuze’s new image of thought: Challenging the dogmatic image of thought in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry.

Skaggs, G., Wilkins,  J. L. M., & Hein, S. F. (in press). Estimating an observed score distribution from a cognitive diagnostic model. Applied Psychological Measurement.

Skaggs, G., Hein, S. F., & Wilkins,  J. L. M. (2016). Diagnostic profiles: A standard setting method for use with a cognitive diagnostic model. Journal of Educational Measurement. 53, 448-458.

Skaggs, G., Wilkins,  J. L. M., & Hein, S. F. (2016). Grain size and parameter recovery with TIMSS and the general diagnostic model. International Journal of Testing, 16, 310-330.

Hein, S. F. (2016). The new materialism in qualitative inquiry: How compatible are the philosophies of Barad and Deleuze? Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies, 16, 132-140.

Hein, S. F. (2015). Spatiotemporality, anthonomasia, and post-qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry, 21, 31-10.

Hein, S. F. (2013). Thinking and writing with ontological time in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry, 19, 493-501.


  • 540-231-9713
  • 2105, 1750 Kraft Dr.
    VT CRC (MC0302)
    Blacksburg, VA 24061