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Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs

Associate Professor


Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs is an Associate Professor of ESL and Multicultural Education in the School of Education at Virginia Tech. Her research is informed by critical pedagogy and autoethnography as she interrogates the role of her own whiteness, power, and privilege in preparing teachers to teach in immigrant and refugee communities, and as she conducts research with participants in vulnerable and marginalized communities. Her research listens to the voices of Mexican immigrants through the perspective of transnational (auto)ethnography, integrated with critical autoethnography, which combines critical pedagogy and autoethnography. Her work has been published in both English and Spanish in the United States, Spain, and Mexico. She teaches courses on critical autoethnography and multiculturalism for the Institute of Critical Pedagogy in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Escenarios de la Investigación del 13 de enero de 2016

Length: 55:40



Ph.D.  Curriculum and Instruction, Virginia Tech, 2003

M.A.  Spanish Literature, University of Illinois, 1970

B.S.  Spanish and Spanish Education, University of Illinois, 1969

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Currently Taught

  • Teaching Languages in Middle and Secondary Schools I
  • Teaching Languages in Middle and Secondary Schools II
  • Topics in Diversity and Multicultural Education
  • Research in Multicultural Education

Courses Previously Taught

  • Grammar, Composition, and Conversation
  • Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Accelerated Beginning Spanish
  • Crossing the Border through Service-Learning
  • Supervision of ESL Pre-Service Teachers PK-12

Dr. Tilley-Lubbs’ research interests include critical pedagogy; qualitative research; ethnography; autoethnography; service-learning in teacher and multicultural education; transnational issues affecting education for immigrant children; and, Whiteness, power, and privilege. Her scholarship appears in such journals as Qualitative Inquiry, International Review of Qualitative Research, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, Creative Education, and Hispania. She has served as PI or co-PI on a number of grants including 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant Program, Learn and Serve America Grant, and Verizon Foundation Literacy Grant. Her most recent grant project collaborates with faculty and administrators at a Title 1 middle school to enhance the learning of English language learners. Dr. Tilley-Lubbs’ research and content expertise inform her teaching and advising activities at Virginia Tech. As program area leader for English as a Second Language & Multicultural Education, she provides meaningful and authentic curricula. She provides authentic learning experiences for pre-service ESL teachers as they conduct service-learning in diverse schools and communities. She presents challenging and engaging courses with topics that range from research in multicultural education to critical pedagogy.


Teaching Resources

Children's Literature Project

Service Learning

Articles in Refereed Journals

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (In press). Border crossing: (Auto)Ethnography that transcends imagination/immigration . International Review of Qualitative Research 4(4).

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Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (2004). Service-learning and foreign language teacher education. Hispania, 87, 132-134.

Chapters in Books

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (2007). The intersection of the academy and the community: Researching relationships through community-based education. In A. Wurr, & Hellebrandt, J. (Eds.) Learning the language of global citizenship: Service-learning in applied linguistics (pp.297-324). Bolton, MA: Anker.

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (2003a). Crossing the border through service-learning: The power of cross-cultural relationships. In J. A. Hellebrandt, J. Arries, & L T. Varona (Eds.) JUNTOS: Community partnerships in Spanish and Portuguese (pp. 36-56). Boston: Heinle.

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (2003b). Annotated bibliography for service-learning. A. In J. A. Hellebrandt, J. Arries, & L T. Varona (Eds.) JUNTOS: Community partnerships in Spanish and Portuguese (pp. 223-226). Boston: Heinle.

Articles in Non-refereed Newsletters and Newspapers

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A.A. (2009, Spring). Teaching ESL beyond the phonemes and morphemes: A sociocultural approach to teacher preparation. Virginia Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (VATESOL) Newsletter.

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (2004, November 4). Crossing the border through service-learning: Transformative relationships in the Latino community. Virginia Tech Conductor, 2-3.

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A.A. (2004, Spring). Crossing the border: Closing the gap through transformative relationships in the Latino community. VATESOL Newsletter, 7(1).

    Dr. Tilley-Lubbs

  • 540-231-4658
  • 300E War Memorial Hall, School of Education
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA 24061