Health Promotions

This program is not accepting applications.

This program is designed to provide students with information that will give them an understanding of the antecedents and correlates to many of today's health problems. Students will acquire skills and competencies that will enable them to develop, implement, and evaluate prevention programs or interventions that are designed to promote, protect, or improve the health and well-being of various clientele. In addition, completion of this program enables most graduates to take the Certified Health Specialist (C.H.E.S.) examination.

This program combines the latest in technology and a variety of innovative instructional styles and methods to present students with a quality educational experience. This program is intended primarily for working professionals who would like or need to obtain a master’s degree, but do not have the time to attend classes on either a daily or a weekly basis. The delivery of courses in this program of study is done in such a manner that it makes achieving a master’s degree from Virginia Tech a reality, even for those individuals with the most hectic and varied work schedules. Students are afforded an opportunity to study and achieve their graduate goals in a relaxed and flexible atmosphere. This program can be completed in two calendar years or less.