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IDT Doctoral Student Annual Review

For the Academic Year 2015-16, all IDT students are to complete the annual review process as outlined by Dr. Nancy Bodenhorn, Director of the SOE Office of Academic Programs, instead of the usual IDT student evaluation process that is outlined below. Dr. Bodenhorn will provide instructions and the required form via email on March 15, 2016.

The IDT program area faculty will meet as a graduate advisory committee once each spring semester to conduct an annual review of each doctoral student who entered the program in the Fall of 2004 or later. Each doctoral student should prepare an annual self-evaluation report and submit it to his/her advisor by April 15." Students will receive a copy of the faculty evaluation report and noted areas in need of improvement. Students who fail to make improvements as noted will be subject to further action. This review complies with the Graduate School Resolution 2003-04A and Policy Memorandum No. 229.