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Required Courses

Foundations Strand
EDCI 5324: Language, Literacy, and Culture
EDEP 5154: Psychological Foundations of Education

Literacy Instruction and Assessment Strand
EDCI 5304: Assessment for K-12 Literacy Instruction
EDCI 5404: Practicum in Clinical Reading
EDCI 5784: English Language Learners: Reading and Writing in Content Area

Research Strand
EDCI 5344: Review of Literacy Research
EDCI 5555: Reading Specialist Practicum I - (Project Planning)
EDCI 5556: Reading Specialist Practicum II- (Project)

Adolescent Literacy Strand
EDCI 5264: Comprehending Processes and Reading in the Content Area
EDCI 5444 - Teaching Adolescent Readers
EDCI 5454: Teaching Composition: Methods and Materials