School of Education

Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies


The Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies is comprised of three programs: Educational Psychology, Social Foundations, and Instructional Design and Technology. Each program link contains information about degrees within that program. These programs combine to provide students with ways to study learning as it happens in real-world situations and how to better facilitate learning in designed environments – in school, online, in the workplace, at home, and in informal environments. Research in learning sciences may be guided by constructivist, social-constructivist, socio-cognitive, and socio cultural theories of learning. While graduate students in education receive a strong grounding in educational psychology, social foundations, and instructional design and technology, they also have the opportunity to engage in an integrated and interdisciplinary sequence of courses that better represent the spirit and thrust of the learning sciences.

Contact Information

Name Email Office Phone
Katherine Cennamo Dept Unit Chair 201 WMH (540) 231-9122
Terry Davis Admin Asst 225D WMH (540) 231-5587
Kimberly Cook Program Support Tech 225B WMH