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Learning Sciences and Technologies


Welcome to Learning Sciences and Technologies

We are delighted that you are interested in Learning Sciences and Technologies at Virginia Tech. Our programs are designed to prepare regional, national and international students to design the future of technology-enhanced learning, conduct research to support best practices in learning and teaching, and assess the effectiveness of learning and teaching strategies for diverse audiences.

Learning Sciences is a rapidly evolving field dedicated to the study of formal and informal learning in many environments, and the use of that knowledge to design innovative learning experiences and products. While classrooms and distance learning programs are obvious beneficiaries of Learning Sciences' research-based principles and practices, program graduates also explore and address learning needs in many other settings. For example, the workplace, after-school programs, museums, the Internet, homes, and the greater cultural landscape all provide opportunities for learning.

Learning games, professional continuing education and certification modules, corporate training materials, patient education videos, online information portals, and interactive museum displays, as well as the aligned assessment and evaluation tools, are just some of the many products and experiences that benefit from the insights provided by the Learning Sciences.

Explore Our Programs

Learning Sciences and Technologies offers masters and doctorate degrees in three areas of specialization: Educational Psychology, Foundations of Education, and Instructional Design and Technology.

You may also want to consider earning a certificate in Learning Sciences or Cognition and Education as you complete your primary degree. These certificate programs are available to any graduate student enrolled at the Blacksburg campus or as a Virginia Tech student in the Commonwealth Scholar program.

Make an Impact

Our coursework is designed to help students advance their understanding of educational issues, theories, and practice related to their area of specialization. Our faculty and staff are committed to support students as they develop the professional, academic, research, and interpersonal skills required for a successful career of their choice.

Career opportunities for Learning Sciences and Technologies graduates are numerous and exciting. Graduates seek employment in various settings, including universities, colleges, PK-12 schools, corporations, consulting firms, healthcare, military, government agencies, and both federally sponsored and private research organizations.

While opportunities vary by area of specialization and degree, a few examples are provided below: 

  • Faculty member in education or related discipline at a college or university
  • Research scientist in a research organization
  • Member of a team responsible for the design and development of training materials, patient education videos, touch-screen kiosks, learning management systems, educational software or interactive museum displays
  • Leader or director for schools, colleges, and online certificate and degree programs overseeing the design, delivery, or assessment of instructional programs
  • Manager in business, industry, government contracting or non-profit organizations responsible for designing innovative and effective training of all types and conducting organizational performance assessments
  • Leader in testing and assessment of student achievement and evaluation of federal initiatives or major grant projects.

Contact Information

The Faculties of Learning Sciences and Technologies are located in War Memorial Hall.



225D War Memorial Hall (0313) 
370 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061



Chair of the Faculties
Dr. Katherine Cennamo:

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Sheppard:



Lisa Sheppard: (540)231-5587