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Lesson 6: Reach for the Sky



-  TSW investigate the patterns of growth in plants.

-  TSW investigate examples of tropism such as geotropism, hydrotropism, thigmotropism, and phototropism.

Materials and Resources:

-  pictures or examples of plants that are affected by tropisms

-  transparency diagrams of growth in plants

-  a tree trunk cross-section


Warm-up: 10 minutes

     The teacher will ask the students to think about what season the plants grow the most during and why.  After allowing the students to brainstorm, the teacher should ask for some answers and the students reasoning behind their examples.  The correct answer is summer.  This is because the day is longer and so the plants get more sun.  If there are any misconceptions the teacher can use this time to clear them up.


     The teacher will use the transparencies and examples to show the areas of growth in plants.  The teacher will explain the importance of hormones, like auxin, in the growth of plants.  The teacher will explain the process of tropism through the use of some examples.  The teacher should ask the students for examples of topisms that they have seen.  This will allow the teacher to check for understanding.  

Student handouts/activity sheets:

     -  none

Relevant Safety Issues:

     -  none





TSW understand where growth occurs in plants

TTW assess the students understanding through observation.

Will not be graded at this time.

Relevant Internet Sites:

     - This site contains a brief summary of tropism and then an example of root tropism in ferns.  This will be used as on of the examples for tropism that is  shown to the class.


If you have any questions than use the link below to email me.