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SOE Featured Project & New project

SOE Featured Project by Dr. Barbara Lockee


Former AECT President Barbara Lockee with Anaheim convention planning team Former AECT President Barbara Lockee with Anaheim convention planning team

Aug. 22, 2013 – SOE Associate Director Barbara Lockee recently completed her service as President of the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). During her four-year term, she engaged in many activities related to the support and development of the organization.

One of the activities she led relates to the establishment of affiliations with international organizations in Canada, Taiwan, and China. Specifically, the organizations with whom partnerships were developed are the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), the Taiwan Association for Educational Communication and Technology (TAECT), and the Chinese Association for Educational Communications and Technology (CAECT). Researchers and practitioners from these international organizations will bring activities, trends, and issues from their countries and share their own insights and perspectives, informing the work of the general AECT membership, and broadening perspectives on systems and strategies for the enhancement of teaching and learning.

Another effort Barbara took on during her presidential term that continues to this day is the AECT HistoryMakers Project. This initiative began as a grassroots effort to preserve the legacy of the IDT field through establishing an archive of video interviews with its leaders. Several interviews had been recorded prior to her term, but no mechanism existed for sharing them. The team at VT (two very talented IDT doctoral students, Kibong Song and Wei Li) created a searchable web-based library of these videos that now contains over 25 interviews. Additionally, Barbara has traveled throughout the country to interview some of the great contributors to the IDT field. This past year she was awarded an internal grant from AECT to pursue the continuing development of this archive.

In another effort to recognize key leaders in the IDT field, Barbara established two new award programs. The Jerrold Kemp Endowed Lecture Series was created to acknowledge individuals for innovations in research or best practices in the area of instructional design. The David H. Jonnasen Excellence in Research Award was developed to recognize those who have demonstrated a long-term record of excellence in research to the field of instructional design and technology, in honor and memory of David who passed away in December 2012. Barbara hopes these awards will help to preserve the legacy of these colleagues who have done so much to advance knowledge and practice in creating effective learning solutions.

    Walt Wittich and Barbara Lockee

HistoryMakers interview session with former AECT President Walt Wittich at his home in Sun City, AZ. Walt is 102! He wrote one of the earliest texts in the field of educational media and still has great intellectual curiosity and a wonderful sense of humor.



SOE New project by Dr. Hicks

As part of a subcontract to UNC-Chapel Hill, Dr. David Hicks in collaboration with Dr. Todd Ogle was awarded $58,916 in support of the project, Transatlantic Teacher Scholars: Change Over Time and Place in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, A proposal to the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC).

The Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST) welcomes two new Fulbright students in the Instructional Design and Technology Program: Helen Hendaria Kamandhari is a doctoral student from Indonesia and Cathy James-Springer is a doctoral student from St. Lucia.

SEAD Science, Engineering, Art, and Design (SEAD) grants funded by ICAT:

  • Studio Stem, Michael Evans
  • Opera Craft, Kelly Parkes
  • HipHop 2020, Joycelyn Wilson

Kelly Parkes’ publication and international presentations:

  • Parkes, K.A. & Daniel, R. (2013). Motivations impacting upon music instrument teachers' decisions to teach and perform in higher education. British Journal of Music Education, 1-18 First view online, doi:10.1017/S0265051713000193
  • Parkes, K. A. (2013, July). (1) Assessment in One-to-One Music Lesson Studios and (2) Evaluating Teaching Quality of Tertiary Music Faculty (2). Research papers presented at the Assessment in Music Symposium, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Also collaboratively presented at this conference: Daniel, R. and Parkes, K. A. (2013). Assessment and Critical Feedback in the Master-Apprentice Relationship. (research paper) August 22, 2013