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Faculty features, AECT spotlight, Women's Center talk

Dec. 8, 2013 – -

In July Dr. Peter Doolittle gave a TED Talk at TED University in Edinburgh ~ watch, learn and enjoy!


Dr. Peter Doolittle Dr. Peter Doolittle


Dr. Doolittle is an associate professor of education specializing in Educational Psychology. His research is focused on learning in multimedia environments, with specific emphasis on the role of working memory.

Peter Doolittle: How your "working memory" makes sense of the world



Instructional Design and Technology Program at AECT


The AECT study tour group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA. The AECT study tour group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA.

Our Instructional Design and Technology Program recently participated in the annual convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) in Anaheim, CA. AECT is an international association for instructional design and technology professionals. AECT members may be found in colleges and universities; in the Armed Forces and industry; in museums, libraries, and hospitals; in the many places where educational change is underway. For more information about AECT, see The Hokie team of faculty and students engaged in a variety of activities and events at AECT, as well as provided support for the conference hosts. AECT Past President Barbara Lockee coordinated study tours to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA and USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies in Playa Vista, CA. Both events offered terrific opportunities to learn about cutting-edge technologies and training innovations in the government and military sectors. Plus, they were both great fun!



Dr. David Moore Dr. David Moore

IDT alumnus Dr. David Moore -- Associate Professor, Ohio University and lifelong Hokie fan!

The VT Instructional Technology Student Association (ITSA) hosted the Virginia Tech table at the AECT University Reception. Our ITSA students welcomed many Hokie alumni and AECT colleagues from across the country and around the world. Lucky alumnus David Moore won the raffle prize - a football signed by all of our Hokie football coaches!


Kibong Song & Wendy Gentry take a quickphoto break before broadcasting the next general session. Kibong Song & Wendy Gentry take a quickphoto break before broadcasting the next general session.

IDT students Kibong Song, Wendy Gentry, Kwame Ansong-Gyiha, and Jacqueline Woodyard provided outstanding service to AECT throughout the conference. This team supported a live webcast of each of the general sessions, as well as recorded video interviews with some of IDT’s leaders and great contributors for the AECT HistoryMakers Project.

Jackie Woodyard provided excellent camera work on the AECTHistoryMakers Project! Jackie Woodyard provided excellent camera work on the AECTHistoryMakers Project!

Our Hokies at AECT brought home some awards as well!

Team members Wendy A. Gentry, Julaine Fowlin, Wei Li, Rongbin Wu, Xin Chen, Elza H. Soares, Teri Wagner, Monica Sulecio de Alvarez, Mario E. Calixte, Sandy Malapile, Erica Inge, L.A. Cox II, and Dr. Katherine Cennamo won the Information Age Publishing Distance Education Best Practice Award - Second Place. The Best Practice Award is explained as: "the practice that is submitted can be any aspect of distance education that would qualify as a Best Practice. This means that it can serve as an example that can be emulated by others based on the description submitted…." The project is entitled, "Ut Prosim (That I May Serve): The Development of an International Team of Novice Instructional Designers through a Service - Learning Cognitive Apprenticeship." The team’s "best practice" was Dr. Cennamo’s instructional approach to develop an international team of novice instructional designers through a Service - Learning Cognitive Apprenticeship.


Wendy Gentry receiving the Best Practice Award on behalf of the VT team. Wendy Gentry receiving the Best Practice Award on behalf of the VT team.

She was honored to present an overview of the project at the Division of Distance Learning awards luncheon. IDT alumnus Aaron Bond and Daron Williams also received an award. Information Age Publishing Distance Education Crystal Award - Third Place, for a module about Academic Integrity for the Undergraduate Honor System and First Year Experience here at VT. Awarded by AECT's Division of Distance Learning, the Crystal Award is "To recognize innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses…and distance learning projects."

Dr. Barbara Lockee with IDT students Dr. Barbara Lockee with IDT students

Barbara Lockee also received a Special Service Award for the AECT HistoryMakers Project. She said the best part was sharing the honor with the IDT students, many of who have assisted with this ongoing initiative to preserve the history of the IDT field.

Virginia Tech students and faculty presented MANY sessions at AECT ~ wow!
  • Abdelmagid, R., & Hirt J. (2013). Leadership in higher education: The role of women.
  • Blevins, S., & Brill, J. (2013). Aligning with Ely’s eight: A second look at the RIPPLES survey.
  • Bond, M. A., & Lockee, B. (2013). Constructing guidelines for building communities of practice for supporting faculty professional development in electronic environments.
  • Gentry, W., Sulecio de Alvarez, M., Soares, W., & Calixte, M. (2013). Careful localization of E-learning instructional design for non-profit organizations.
  • Larson, M., & Lockee, B. (2013). From zero to sixty: Targeting essential skills in bringing novice designers up to speed.
  • Herring, M., Wilson. B., Warren, S., Hannafin, M., Marra, R., Lockee, B., Smaldino, S., & Spector, J. M. (2013). Learning, Problem Solving, and Mindtools-Honoring David H. Jonassen.
  • Lockee, B., Lewis, R., & Larson, M. (2013). Development of a distance program evaluation model.
  • Lockee, B., & Song. K. (2013). HistoryMakers Project Update.
  • Leary, H., Lockee, B., Miller, T. W., Smaldino, S., Spector, J. M.,& White. C. (2013). Leadership, history, and the future: Voices of AECT Past-Presidents
  • Lockee, B., Meszaros, P., Kimbrell, M. (2013). Putting careers in context: Development of a web-based game to engage girls in technology-related jobs
  • Ondin, Z., & Ondin Z. (2013). Instructional module on correcting exposure by adjusting shutter speed, aperture size and ISO based on situated learning.
  • Ondin, Z., & Schilder, E. (2013). Designing and developing an authentic learning environment for enhancing mathematical problem solving.
  • Schilder, E. (2013). Media literacy assessment.

Our VT IDT students and faculty also facilitated sessions and engaged in many opportunities for learning and professional development, as well as enjoyed some California sunshine. It was a rewarding and energizing event and we are already looking forward to Jacksonville next year!

Faculty Publication


Dr. Amy Price Azano Dr. Amy Price Azano

Dr. Amy Price Azano is an Assistant Professor of Education specializing in Adolescent Literacy.
Dr. Azano's chapter on gifted rural students in Callahan and Plucker's 2nd edition of Critical Issues in Gifted Education has been published.

Azano, A. P. (2014) Gifted rural students. In J. Plucker & C. Callahan (Eds). Critical issues and practices in gifted education: What the research says (2nd ed) (pp. 297-304). National Association for Gifted Children.



Welcoming Our New SOE Staff Member—Kim Cook!


Kim Cook, Program Support Technician, School of Education Kim Cook, Program Support Technician, School of Education

"I was born and raised in southern West Virginia and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bluefield State College in Business Administration with minors in Marketing and Management. I worked for Virginia Tech in the past, but took time off to render my young children and work closer to home. Since leaving Virginia Tech ten years ago I worked as an Office Manager for a multi-million dollar company, and most recently in the public school system where I served as a Parent Involvement Coordinator, teacher, and secretary. My experience in the public school has given me many fond memories of working with kids, which is a passion of mine. I will definitely miss seeing the kids I worked with on a daily basis. However, coming back to work for Virginia Tech feels like I’ve come home. I enjoy meeting new people and feel very comfortable here. I am often described as a “real people person” by those that know me, since I have never met a stranger. I am a huge Hokie fan following both football and basketball, which, of course, coming from West Virginia causes me a lot of grief from local Mountaineer fans! When people ask me about my career change from public school to university I tell them “I am not closing the book, just turning the page to begin a new chapter in my life.” I am excited to be back here at Virginia Tech and look forward to working with all those associated with the School of Education. My hope is to finish out my career as a Hokie!"

Director Mullen has been working on human rights issues alongside prominent national and international scholars

Read about the Flagstaff Seminar/Kappa Delta Pi meeting in San Francisco in collaboration with the American Educational Research Association on May 1, 2013 "A group of eighteen prominent national and international scholars met in San Francisco and recommitted themselves to confront issues of poverty faced by schoolchildren in the world and to work towards global improvement in the education of girls. These urgent matters are a worldwide problem with over 100 million children not in school, the majority being girls. The two primary thrusts surrounding how to enable Flagstaff Seminar research to activism was seen as a clear call to action for the participants to continue their work towards ensuring that education is a basic human right and that educational leaders can and must become emboldened to seek solutions that go beyond the school house door, even if this means confronting historic cultural and political forces that act as barriers to basic improvements in the reach and quality of education in the world. Reaction to the concept paper framed the discussion, that is, how do we extend what we do beyond leader preparation." (by Dr. Rosemary Papa, verbatim excerpt) NAU Global's latest publication, including the above excerpt:


Flagstaff Seminar/Kappa Delta Pi meeting in San Francisco in collaboration with the American Educational Research Association Standing left to right: Carol Mullen, Virginia Tech University; Martha McCarthy Loyola Marymount Los Angeles; Jim Berry, Eastern Michigan University; Nathan Bond, Texas State University; Uche Grace Emetarom, Nigerian Professors of Education Administration; Faye Snodgress, Executive Director of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education; Carolyn Shields, Wayne State University; Ira Bogotch, Florida Atlantic University; Michael Sampson, Northern Arizona University; Concha Delgado Gaitan, University of California-Davis; Jane Lindle Clemson, University of South Carolina; Lisa Ehrich, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; and Don Scott University of Calgary, Canada. Seated: Fenwick English, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Rosemary Papa, Northern Arizona University

Carol Mullen recently delivered an invited talk to an enthusiastic group of faculty, students, and administrators from around the campus at the Inn at Virginia Tech. The event was sponsored by the Women's Center, Office of the Provost. The talk was titled "Academic professional trajectories using Joseph Campbell’s framework of the universal life journey."

The deadline for submissions for the January issue of News2Note is Monday, 23 December (even though the university will now be closed that day).
Please send all information directly to Associate Dean Debby Stoudt:

The School of Education's Newsworthy News has a NEW EDITOR!

David Brod will be Editor of the Newsworthy News starting Spring 2014, with the guidance of Dr. Carol Mullen who is Founding Editor. David is a first-year PhD student in the Higher Education program in our SOE. Please send submissions, photos, and any questions directly to
The Newsworthy News will soon have an online submission process, coming Spring 2014. Due to the high responsiveness of our SOE members who make submissions and read the news, this media outlet is proving successful, thus we intend to keep it going! Thank you for all of your contributions ~ keep them coming.