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SOE Featured Faculty and news

Oct. 1, 2013 –  

Hot off the press!

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences publications:

The October issue of News2Note, the monthly newsletter, is available at:

The latest issue of Spheres magazine has just come out (volume 6, fall 2013), highlighting the successes of the College’s alumni. A new faculty listing is included.

Some highlights from the School of Education include the following:

The SOE Utube Channel has gone live: This can be accessed at SOE main page ( Take a look at the posted videos that include SOE speakers, teachers, and events from this semester. As always, please feel free to send me any comments and suggestions to Diana Wu and submit your academic videos to her for worldwide dissemination.

Featuring Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor in the LST Department, who is immersed in a cutting-edge interdisciplinary project. Her 4/4 Beat Project is the programmatic home of the lab and archive for researching the relationships between hip-hop culture and education. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Wilson as the HipHop2020 Curriculum Project, 4/4 is the convergence of interdisciplinary academic knowledge with a resource of original artifacts that represent the cultural narrative of the post-civil rights/hip-hop generation. The lab is located in Smyth Hall, along with the archive, which includes approximately 4000 pieces of vinyl records, original autographs, and memorabilia. Arguably, 4/4 boasts the first hip-hop based vinyl collection located in a school of education at a university focused on the intersection of technology, humanities, and the arts.

Through resources provided by the SOE and the Institute of Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT), the purpose of the 4/4 Beat Project is to:

  • Acquire collections of cross-genre vinyl and hip-hop based artifacts for educational purposes.
  • Establish an educational research lab that focuses on the restoration, digitization, and cataloging of these materials.
  • Develop curriculum and programming that utilizes these materials as tools for integrating STEM and fostering development of leadership and social justice capacities of youth and youth influencers, and
  • Serve as a resource for educators, teachers, students, community activists, musicians, engineers, and anyone interested in the intersection of hip-hop based education, music, and technology. 
    DJ Michael Webster and Joycelyn Wilson

Beat Project archive donor and DJ Michael Webster and Joycelyn Wilson looking through the collection in Webster’s childhood home studio in Atlanta, Georgia, during their acquisition of the materials and taping of oral history.

    Beat Project Team

Beat Project Team: From top left: Michael and Simone Webster (Donors), Joycelyn Wilson (PI), Donald Webster (father of Michael Webster); Purdom Lindblad (Co-PI and CLAHS Librarian for Digital Humanities); Chris Huggins (former DJ partner to Michael Webster); Scott Auerbach (Videographer); and Gardner Campbell (former Director of Prof Development and Innovative Initiatives for Learning Technologies). Not pictured Scott Pennington (Co-PI and CLAHS E-Research Project Coordinator

    cataloging artifacts

Beat Project Graduate Assistant Ren Harman cataloging artifacts in the lab

More News

    Tech lab at the NVC  School of Education leaders

School of Education leaders drove out to the Northern Virginia Center yesterday for a 3-hour meeting with educational leadership and counseling education faculty, as well as graduate students. Bill Glenn and Steve Janosik organized the agenda for the session and the conversation was highly productive, with deeper connections made. After the meeting there was a tour of the facilities.

Pictured above in the impressive tech lab at the NVC are Steve Janosik, Department Chair of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (left), Walt Mallory, Clinical Assistant Professor in educational leadership; Carol Mullen, SOE Director and Associate Dean for Professional Education, and Ken Wong, Associate Dean of the Graduate School in the National Capital Region and Director of the NVC (on the right)


Joan Hirt is offering more workshops to educate pre-tenure faculty about the P&T process. We have scheduled all sessions in 216 E. Eggleston so we can teleconference in participants. Session 2 of 3: How can I be sure I am focusing on what matters in P&T Monday, October 14, 12:00-1:30, 216 E. Eggleston

Session 3 of 3: How can I organize the materials that matter in P&T? Monday, November 4, 12:00-1:30, 216 E. Eggleston