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Media Outlets, Virginia Career VIEW Spotlight, faculty feature

Oct. 22, 2013 –  

We’re in More Media Outlets Ensuring Visibility of Our Great School


The SOE “everyone” announcement is now on Facebook, and so are highlights from various editions of the Newsworthy News. Due to the restricted access to the previous SOE Facebook page, we developed a new Facebook page. Visit our new page at: (It is also linked to the SOE main page.) Share your news and events on the SOE Facebook and tell colleagues and friends from around the world. Thanks to Diana Wu for making all of this happen!


We got this organizational website posting for free ~ thanks NCPEA!
The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) is a collaborative, friendly scholar-practitioner organization committed to the practice and study of educational administration. Established in 1947, NCPEA has a strong commitment to serve the interests and needs of professors of educational administration and practicing school leaders in such areas as equity, inclusion, innovation, and excellence. For information about the organization’s August 2014 conference, check out the NCPEA website:
President Marc Shelton, George Fox University
Immediate Past-President Carol Mullen, Virginia Tech


Virginia Career VIEW is located in the School of Education, Office of Educational Research and Outreach. VIEW stands for Vital Information for Education and Work. Initially created in 1980 by Retired Professor and Career Development Pioneer Dr. Carl McDaniels, VA VIEW served High School Students and Adults disseminating Career Development and Planning information across the state through comprehensive news magazines and a 1-800 Career Information Hotline, staffed by Career Counseling Graduate Students. Today, Virginia Career VIEW is one of the only free Career Development Systems in the nation for grades K-8, parents, and professionals working with this age group.


Emily Fielder handles workshop development and research Emily Fielder handles workshop development and research

Virginia Career VIEW’s website,, had over 79 million hits in 2012-2013 with a total of 675,333 visiting users, averaging over 2,000 users per day. Since the Virginia Department of Education’s reorganization of Virginia Career VIEW in 2010, VIEW has created hundreds of interactive games, printable, and resources that match Virginia Standards of Learning (K-8) and meet Virginia School Counseling Standards. Virginia Career VIEW presents at both state and national conferences annually, and partners with VT STEM’s Kindergarten to College Program and Virginia Bioinformatics Institute’s Kids Tech University to promote STEM occupations for young students and their parents.

Michele Seibert Program Director Michele Seibert Program Director

Virginia Career VIEW also conducts outreach tailored to meet the needs of specific schools and community groups, reaching over 4,062 students, 975 parents, and 1,124 professionals in 2012-2013. VIEW’s free annual fall workshops educate counselors throughout the state on specific career development initiatives such as the Academic Career Plan, College and Career Readiness, and collaborating with teachers and parents in the student career development process. The VIEW website is known for its interactive learning game “Career Town” and the beginner’s career assessment Who R U.

Visit VIEW’s website, download the new app, and share VIEW with parents, students, and professionals.

FEATURING Dr. Brenda Brand, Associate Professor in Science Education, Teaching & Learning Dept.

Eric Rhoades, Director of Science and Health Education for the Virginia Department of Education, visited Dr. Brand’s Research and Assessment in Science Education class via Adobe Connnect on October 14, 2013 in the STEM Education Collaboratory. Mr. Rhodes discussed the development of the Virginia Standards of Learning assessments in Science. Students in Dr. Brand’s class included pre-service science teachers in the MAED licensure program and two online classroom science teachers who are students in the distance learning MAED science education program. The students asked many questions about implementation of the SOL tests, including the future development of performance-based test items and the connections of SOL tests to school accreditation. The classroom teachers joined the conversation and were able to share their experiences with the SOL tests with our pre-service teachers. Mr. Rhoades expressed an interest in continuing to be a resource for science education courses at Virginia Tech.


News2Note, forthcoming issue
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