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Halloween, Photo in AERA, faculty feature, new staff, more...

Oct. 31, 2013 – -

Happy Halloween from the School of Education


Lori Berry, Carol Mullen, Carol Duncan Lori Berry (OERO, left); Carol Mullen (Director, middle); Carol Duncan (Teaching & Learning, right); Larry Cox (photographer); Beth Lawton (props); Darlene Johnson (scene manager)

AERA here we come! The BIGGEST convention in education will be a tipping point for fostering visibility of Our Great School

AERA boasts over 25,000 members!

Our "everyone" Chronicle photo is sure making the rounds. From The Chronicle of Higher Education, to UCEA, to Facebook, to NCPEA, and now AERA, it will appear as a full-color ½ page advertisement in AERA’s printed conference program. The 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) convention will be held in Philadelphia this April. Some of us are talking about taking the train there to do our presentations, conduct business, and network. We can’t wait to get a copy of the program to see the SOE-VT ad in it.


AERA, founded in 1916, is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.

AERA's more than 25,000 members are faculty, researchers, graduate students, and other distinguished professionals with rich and diverse expertise in education research. They work in a range of settings from universities and other academic institutions to research institutes, federal and state agencies, school systems, testing companies, and nonprofit organizations. Based on their research, they produce and disseminate knowledge, refine methods and measures, and stimulate translation and practical application of research results.

AERA is international in scope. Nearly 5% of members, representing over 85 countries, reside outside the United States. Over 28% of AERA members are students - approximately 6,500 graduate students and 600 undergraduate students. Over 74% of AERA members report that education is their primary discipline. Other disciplines represented by AERA members include psychology, statistics, sociology, history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, and political science. (verbatim excerpt from the AERA website:

FEATURING Jeremy Ernst


Dr. Jeremy Ernst Dr. Jeremy Ernst

Jeremy is an Assistant Professor in the Integrative STEM Education program, Teaching and Learning Dept. He specializes in research focused on dynamic intervention means for STEM education students categorized as at-risk of dropping out of school. This specific strand of research investigates educational models and structures as well as modes of learning that promote dynamic content to further facilitate learning. To extend these lines of research, he currently leads or serves in a leadership capacity on four externally funded projects.

Jeremy is the Principal Investigator for the NSF funded Transforming Teaching through Implementing Inquiry (T2I2) project, the Co-Principal Investigator for the NSF funded Re-designed High Schools for Transformed STEM Learning (TSL) project, the Virginia Tech Principal Investigator for the DoD funded Military-Connected Local Educational Agencies for Academic and Support Programs - Virginia Beach City Public Schools STEM project or MCASP - VBCPS STEM project, and the Principal Investigator of the DoD funded Virginia Beach MCASP Grant Program.

    Cameron denson, Laura Segedin and Drothy Strater discuss integration strategy
T2I2 is a 4-year full research and development project that explores the use of cyberinfrastructure to significantly enhance the delivery and quality of professional development for grades 6-12 technology, engineering, and design educators. The TSL study is focused on a formative and summative evaluation of redesigned science, technology, engineering, or mathematics high schools. The MCASP - VBCPS STEM project is a three-year initiative. The teacher professional development phase of this effort is composed of a collaborative affiliation between Virginia Tech, the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the Center for Integrative STEM Education at the National Institute of Aerospace, and McDaniel College. The Virginia Beach MCASP Grant Program is a component of the larger MCASP - VBCPS STEM project. This aspect of the broader project funds teachers from Virginia Beach City Public Schools to pursue the Integrative STEM Education Graduate Certificate at Virginia Tech. The selected individuals will eventually serve as “Lead Teachers” for school-based STEM education professional development.

Songze Li Songze Li (TSL Graduate Research Assistant) describes performance assessment protocol

In recent recognition of his scholarship, Jeremy Ernst was presented with the 2013 Silvius-Wolansky Outstanding Scholarly Publication in Technology Education award for his co-authored article (with Allison W. McCulloch) Estuarine Ecosystems: Using Signature T&E Approaches to Support STEM Instruction. Also, this past March he was identified as a 2013 “Leader to Watch” within Technology and Engineering Education by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association.

Congratulations to Jennifer Bondy, Assistant Professor in the Teaching & Learning Dept., who was awarded the Niles Research Grant from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

Introducing Two New SOE Staff


Linda Breeding Linda Breeding, Administrative Assistant, in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS)

"When someone asks me where I’m from, it’s a mixed bag of answers. I was born in Indiana, but at the age of two my dad re-enlisted into the Army. We moved a lot, on an average once every three years. One year we moved three times in order to be within a ten mile radius of the missile base where my dad was stationed. I have to admit that four new first days of school in about six months was a little traumatic. But I would never change any of those years. The friends I made, the states and countries we were privileged to live in and visit gave me a greater appreciation of varying cultures, customs, codes of ethics, and a far greater love of my God, family, friends, country and people in general. None of this would have occurred if my dad had not chosen to continue with a career in the service. If you asked me who I am, once upon a time I probably would have said a wife, a mom, a homemaker or even a secretary. But recently a friend gave me a description that I love. I am the daughter of the King and all things are possible through Him. I have 24 years of service at VT – 18 in the Department of Statistics and 6 with University Design and Construction prior to my employment at ELPS. I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and best wishes upon my arrival to the School of Education. Everyone is being so warm and welcoming – not just from East Eggleston but from across campus including the offices in NOVA, Richmond and Hampton Beach. Thank you for the patience and encouragement you are giving me as I learn and grow as a member of my new academic home, the School of Education." - (Linda Breeding)

Jennifer Cesario Jennifer Cesario, Program Support Technician (part time), in ELPS

"A native of Michigan, I moved to southwest Virginia in September, 2006 to complete a 2-year ministry training program—and I never left. I’ve worked on and off at Virginia Tech since moving to the State for Lovers and I enjoy the beauty and the spirited environment of the university. My interests are many, but my greatest joy is when I am with family and friends—preparing (and then eating!) a fabulous meal—mingled with lingering conversation and a side-splitting laughter. (I also secretly find great pleasure in cleaning…kitchens, mostly). I enjoy getting to know people and consider myself an excellent listener, so feel free to stop by my office (215 EGG) and introduce yourself and share whatever’s on your mind! I look forward to getting to know the SOE team." - (Jen Cesario)

Call for Proposal Submissions for Funding Consideration

The SOE Director's P. Buckley Moss Scholarship Award (supported by CLAHS)

Proposals due December 5, 2013 (by 5pm)
Funding amount: up to $1,000)
Eligibility: SOE full-time faculty employment)
Submit electronically to SOE Leadership Team via recipient Beth Lawton: (
Proposal: Submit a one-page, single-spaced statement about unfunded research you are doing or plan to do that fits the scope of the foundation criteria. On page 2 of the file include the timeline for your research, a very short budget (e.g., travel, meals, equipment, materials) with one-to-two sentences justifying each item, and all of your contact information. Please do not include any payroll line items such as wages since Foundation resources cannot be directly charged for this type of expense. (The email message should include one attached Word file, no additional files.) Scope of foundation criteria: Describe what you are doing with respect to professional development activities in your work with ICAT or not involving ICAT regarding professional development activities whereby, either way, the focus is on the arts/creativity, professional development, teaching, and research. Subject line for emailed submissions: Proposal submission for the SOE Director's P. Buckley Moss Scholarship

Virginia Tech has named its $100 million arts center building in tribute to artist and philanthropist Patricia Buckley Moss, whose recent donation in support of the center is one of the largest gifts the university ever has received. The Moss Arts Center is the new name. In her advocacy work, Moss, who self-identifies as dyslexic, has cited her personal story of struggling in school until an open-minded teacher recognized her artistic potential. Moss wound up enrolling in a high school for the fine arts and, later, in New York’s Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. "The arts can change people’s hearts, change their minds, and change their lives," Moss said. "I was lucky enough to find them at a young age, and they opened up so many learning avenues and professional opportunities for me. That is why I am so excited about the impact this wonderful facility will make on thousands of people, young and old, across this entire region of our state." (VT website, Oct. 13)