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SOE Featured Faculty and CLAHS news

Sept. 5, 2013 –  

Dear Hokies, hope you had a great start to the new academic year! No doubt it’s been hectic but exhilarating too, yes?

Way to go David Hicks! Our own Dr. Hicks from History and Social Science in Teaching & Learning has been awarded a NSF grant of $549k with a research team including David Cline (History). This project, titled "EXP: Exploring the potential of mobile augmented reality for scaffolding historical inquiry learning," is under the direction of Doug A. Bowman, David Cline, David Hicks, Jeffrey T. Ogle.

Congratulations to our SOE colleagues Jen Brill and Diana Wu who have been accepted for the 2013-14 Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program (WLMP), sponsored by the Women’s Center at Virginia Tech. Based on their background and statement, they were accepted. The seminar content is fundamental, and their fellow cohort members are all in A/P roles at the university, but the opportunity to come together and focus on professional development in a community of VT’s administrative women is very enriching. (Verbiage from Anna F. LoMascolo, Co-Director, Women's Center at VT.)

Jennifer M. Brill is an associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) in the Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST) department in the School of Education (SOE) and the newly appointed program leader for the IDT program. She earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Georgia and a M.Ed. in Instructional Systems from the Pennsylvania State University. Her design and systems expertise is informed by an undergraduate education in biology and sociology from Boston College. Dr. Brill’s professional interests include the design and evaluation of learning and performance support experiences, resources, and environments; research design, with an emphasis in qualitative inquiry; and doctoral program and student development. Her work in higher education is predated and informed by over 13 years of full-time professional experience in the instructional design/performance improvement field in a variety of corporate, education, and government settings.

Diana Wu is Assistant Director of Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) in the School of Education. She is completing her doctoral program in the Instructional Design and Technology program at Virginia Tech and she earned her master’s degree in the same program. She has over seven years’ experience in instructional design field and has a wealth of instructional design experiences with an emphasis on technology integration, distance course development and administrative support. She has designed instructional materials and training programs with emerging information and communication technology tools based on sound pedagogical reasoning for both face-to-face and online learning contexts. She has collaborated with institutions and developed instruction using a variety of instructional methodologies. She has expertise in various software applications and provides workshops and consulting services to SOE faculty and assists students’ efforts with effectively incorporating technology and web-based solutions to enhance teaching, learning and research. She strives to provide high quality, customized instructional support to the SOE community.

Book Publications

Congrats to Professor Bonnie Billingsley, Interim Department Chair of Teaching & Learning, who published two books over the last year with colleagues from The University of Florida, The University of Illinois, and The University of Massachusetts.

  • Crockett, J., Billingsley, B., & Boscardin, M. L. (Eds.). (2012). Handbook of leadership & administration for special education. New York: Routledge/Taylor-Francis.
  • Billingsley, B., Brownell, M., Israel, M., & Kamman, M. (2013). Survival guide for first- year special education teachers. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

SOE Sponsored Event

Professor Joan Hirt, Professor of higher education in ELPS, will be offering a series of workshops to pre-tenure faculty about the P&T process. Her goal is to bring together pre-tenure faculty at all levels so we can demystify the process as much as possible and prepare you for each step in the 6-year path to P&T review. We have had a terrific response to this series from interested participants. We have scheduled all sessions in 216 E. Eggleston so that we can teleconference with our off-campus sites.

  • Session 1: What matters in the tenure review process?
    Monday, September 23, 12:00-1:30, 216 E. Eggleston
  • Session 2: How can I be sure I am focusing on what matters in P&T
    Monday, October 14, 12:00-1:30, 216 E. Eggleston
  • Session 3: How can I organize the materials that matter in P&T?
    Monday, November 4, 12:00-1:30, 216 E. Eggleston

Associate Dean Tom Ewing’s pre-tenure mentoring series was launched today with a talk from the dean.


Ott Rowlands Dean of CLAHS Ott Rowlands Dean of CLAHS

Dean Sue Ott Rowlands’ welcome session was held with the pre-tenure faculty in CLAHS today at the lovely Inn over breakfast. Highlights shared: “A favorite part of her job is getting to know the new faculty and their research.” She acknowledged issues of work-life balance, families, modified duties, and support structures for pre-tenure faculty. “We have lots of ways of supporting you at Virginia Tech,” she emphasized. “We have a vested interest in your Happiness, well being, and success.” “The promotion and tenure process in CLAHS is one of the best processes she knows of,” she explained.” She talked about how fresh ideas are most welcoming and that we care about balancing undergraduate education with graduate education, diversity in leadership positions, and student engagement in faculty research and international education as well as service learning. She encouraged the new faculty to work through their department heads with any issues that arise and to develop networks within their departments and units. She added that colleagues will help the pre-tenure faculty “to tell the story of your dossier and to get your narrative heard.” (Carol Mullen’s script)

Call for nominations: 2014 awards honoring exemplary science leadership and public service:

The National Science Board (NSB) is seeking nominations for the 2014 Vannevar Bush Award and the 2014 Public Service Awards. Nominations are due Oct. 30.

New Hire

Please welcome our new SOE hire Jennifer Cesario, who will be working as a half-time program support technician with the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department (ELPS) for 20 hours per week.

Are you excited about seeing our SOE Everyone photo come out soon in an issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education? Thank you for sending in your feedback!