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Newsworthy News, Moss grant recipient & faculty features, (Post-Snow Delay Issue)

Feb. 17, 2014 – -

Congratulations Dr. Mary Alice Barksdale, recipient of the 2014 SOE Director's Moss Faculty Development Grant!!
(The Moss Faculty Development Grant is co-sponsored by the SOE and ICAT)

Featured this week is Dr. Barksdale, Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning



Dr. Barksdale, associate professor, Teaching & Learning Dr. Barksdale, associate professor, Teaching & Learning

A new component in the 2014 Malawi Study Abroad experience will be a significant focus on the arts and creativity in Malawi, along with examination of how culture and creativity impact teaching and learning. With this focus on the arts in Malawi, there is an expectation of supporting the Study Abroad students in gaining global understandings about relationships between the arts, culture, and schooling. There will be field trips to local outdoor markets where there are craftsman exhibits and demonstrations, an environmental village project, an orphanage, an overnight at a resort area on Lake Malawi where village dances will be demonstrated and explained, a visit to the Mua Mission Museum where very unique, museum quality carvings designed to tell a story are created and where tribal rituals and masks will be explained, an experience in learning about African batik, and musical demonstrations including explanations of the role of and different types of drums. For the students participating in this study abroad experience, there will be a carefully designed process of studying artistic works in Malawi and how these arts and the symbols within them relate to various components of life in this developing country. The development of this knowledge in the students will provide them with a framework for more fully understanding the cultures they experience in the US.
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Call for Proposal Submissions for Funding Consideration

The SOE Director's Moss Faculty Development Grant (supported SOE and ICAT)
Proposals due
March 14th, 2014 (by 5pm) to Beth Lawton:
Funding amount: up to $1,000
Eligibility: SOE full-time faculty employment

Submit electronically to the SOE Election and Awards Coordinators (EAC) (in accordance with the 2011 SOE Principles of Governance) via recipient Beth Lawton: 

Proposal: Submit a one-page, single-spaced statement about unfunded research you are doing or plan to do that fits the scope of the foundation criteria. On page 2 of the file include the timeline for your research, a very short budget (e.g., travel, meals, equipment, materials) with up to two sentences justifying each item, and all of your contact information. Please do not include any payroll line items such as wages since Foundation resources cannot be directly charged for this type of expense. (The email message should include one attached Word file, no additional files.)
Scope of foundation criteria: Describe what you are doing with respect to professional development activities in your work with ICAT, or not involving ICAT, regarding professional development activities whereby, either way, the focus is on your work in the areas of arts/creativity and professional development.
Subject line for emailed submissions: Proposal submission for the SOE Director's Moss Faculty Development Grant Virginia Tech has named its $100 million arts center building in tribute to artist and philanthropist Patricia Buckley Moss, whose recent donation in support of the center is one of the largest gifts the university ever has received. The Moss Arts Center is the new name. In her advocacy work, Moss, who self-identifies as dyslexic, has cited her personal story of struggling in school until an open-minded teacher recognized her artistic potential. Moss wound up enrolling in a high school for the fine arts and, later, in New York's Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. "The arts can change people's hearts, change their minds, and change their lives," Moss said. "I was lucky enough to find them at a young age, and they opened up so many learning avenues and professional opportunities for me. That is why I am so excited about the impact this wonderful facility will make on thousands of people, young and old, across this entire region of our state." (VT website, Oct. 13)

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SOE Faculty Honored for Book Publications in 2013

~Stay Tuned for Next Issue's Feature on VT Authors Recognition 2014 (sponsored by University Libraries, Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, & the Mu Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa)
SOE book authors: Drs. Bonnie Billingsley, Kathy Cennamo, Glen Earthman, Barbara Lockee, Mark Lineburg, & Carol Mullen


Virginia Tech Authors' Day
Last year's winner of the Sturm Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Professor Emily Satterwhite from the Department of Religion and Culture, was the featured speaker. More than 30 scholars from CLAHS were recognized in this celebration of scholarship. A complete list of featured books, sorted by college, is available at the link below.
Information about authors' recognition: 
List of authors and titles:

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson presented at the 2014 Hip Hop Literacies Conference at The Ohio State University


Feb_17_2014_5 Dr. Wilson, assistant professor of sociocultural foundations of education, speaking with a student who was interested in the intersections of visual art and hip hop culture. She had never physically touched a vinyl record and album cover. Visit to learn more about her research.


Digital Pedagogies and the Hip Hop Based Archive: New Directions in Hip Hop Based Education was a two-hour interactive workshop facilitated by Joycelyn Wilson and Emery Petchauer, a hip hop education researcher at Oakland University. The workshop provided an audience of students, teachers, and ed researchers with an overview of the ways that hip hop is used for educational purposes in and out of schools among diverse groups of youth and youth influencers. They explored the interconnections between hip hop practices, artifacts, digital media, and pedagogy. By practices, they referred to sampling, battling, graffiti art, movement, artifact collection and creation, and other practices that take place in hip hop spaces. By artifacts, we refer to vinyl records, cds, digital media, turntables, and text that people use while creating hip hop. The ethnographic materials used in the workshop included artifacts from the Four Four Beat Project, Dr. Wilson's research project located in the Virginia Tech School of Education. Participants engaged in hands-on and ears-open activities with these ethnographic materials to understand how they facilitate social justice teaching and learning. Participants also participated in sample lessons that integrate this mode of teaching and learning across Common Core expectations.

The 2014 Hip Hop Literacies Conference at The Ohio State University is a collaboration between the College of Education and Human Ecology and the Office of Student Life Multicultural Center. As a working conference, it brought together invited guest lecturers to conduct interactive workshops with over 70 teachers, students, practitioners, and ed researchers interested in hip hop based education and strategies for use in subjects including science, math, history, English, and leadership development.

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