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Apply for the Moss Faculty Grant; SOE naming contest!

Feb. 27, 2014 – -

Faculty, Call for Proposal Submissions for Funding Consideration

Submit a proposal for the SOE Director's Moss Faculty Development Grant (in collaboration with SOE and ICAT)

Proposals due March 14th, 2014 (by 5pm) to Beth Lawton:
Funding amount: up to $1,000
Eligibility: SOE full-time faculty employment

Submit electronically to the SOE Election and Awards Coordinators (EAC) (in accordance with the 2011 SOE Principles of Governance) via recipient Beth Lawton:


Proposal: Submit a one-page, single-spaced statement about unfunded research you are doing or plan to do that fits the scope of the foundation criteria. On page 2 of the file include the timeline for your research, a very short budget (e.g., travel, meals, equipment, materials) with up to two sentences justifying each item, and all of your contact information. Please do not include any payroll line items such as wages since Foundation resources cannot be directly charged for this type of expense. (The email message should include one attached Word file, no additional files.)

Scope of foundation criteria: Describe what you are doing with respect to professional development activities in your work with ICAT, or not involving ICAT, regarding professional development activities whereby, either way, the focus is on your work in the areas of arts/creativity and professional development.

Subject line for emailed submissions: Proposal submission for the SOE Director's Moss Faculty Development Grant Virginia Tech has named its $100 million arts center building in tribute to artist and philanthropist Patricia Buckley Moss, whose recent donation in support of the center is one of the largest gifts the university ever has received. The Moss Arts Center is the new name. In her advocacy work, Moss, who self-identifies as dyslexic, has cited her personal story of struggling in school until an open-minded teacher recognized her artistic potential. Moss wound up enrolling in a high school for the fine arts and, later, in New York's Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. "The arts can change people's hearts, change their minds, and change their lives," Moss said. "I was lucky enough to find them at a young age, and they opened up so many learning avenues and professional opportunities for me. That is why I am so excited about the impact this wonderful facility will make on thousands of people, young and old, across this entire region of our state." (VT website, Oct. 13)

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SOE Slogan Contest!!!

What makes the School of Education shine? What does the SOE mean to you?

Here are two terrific, short slogans from other schools:
Be greater. Be a Gator. (University of Florida)
Great place (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The winner will submit a short slogan of a few words that best defines/reflects/captures the essence and hope of the SOE. The submission deadline is March 14th, 2014 by 5pm. All students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate. Submissions should be emailed directly to Dave Brod The winner will have their slogan and name engraved on a plaque hung in the SOE main offices and a feature in an upcoming Newsworthy News Story.

Dr. Amy Azano's blog on Place Based Education has been featured on two major education websites! Great work and a must read

"Azano is a big proponent of rural schools using place-based education, with teachers using students' surroundings as a means to help them understand lessons. She did a study that was published in the Journal of Research in Rural Education that explored the benefits and drawbacks of one teacher's use of that instructional approach."

Glocalized learning: What’s relevant in the rural world

Glocalized learning: What's relevant in the rural world 

Using Place-Based Education to Achieve Global Education

Using Place-Based Education to Achieve Global Education




Carol A. Mullen,Lead Editor, Virginia Tech. Kenneth E. Lane, Co-Editor, Southeastern Louisiana University
Through the lenses of global scholars from different countries, the contributors share perspectives from 10 countries, representing Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Italy, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Dr. Mullen Dr. Mullen


Esteemed and rising scholar-practitioners in educational leadership, education research, and other disciplines (such as social pedagogy and sociology) have contributed to this large work. Their professional roles include college leader, institutional researcher, central administration leader, and government minister. Honored within this book by influential scholar-practitioners are the stellar, lasting achievements of Charles (Chuck) Achilles and John Hoyle from the educational leadership field.

Our own VT-SOE Kappa Delta Pi chapter has been established ~ Submit your interest application!

Kappa Delta Pi the International Honor Society in Education

Students, submit your interest application no later than 11:59pm Friday, March 14th. Your responses will be reviewed by the Virginia Tech KDP Executive Committee. Approved applicants will be invited to join Kappa Delta Pi and they will be formally inducted at the SOE Spring 2014 ceremony.

Just fill out the brief survey at this web link.

Any students, undergraduate or graduate, interested in leadership roles should contact Dave Brod directly at as soon as possible.

Since its inception in 1911, Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education has been an inclusive organization, embracing educators regardless of creed, nationality, or gender. Throughout the years, Kappa Delta Pi has had a rich legacy of connecting top educators to worthy practices and ideals.


Integrative STEM Education Student Presented and Publishes a Variety of Research Projects this Fall


Love presents at TEEAM Love presents at TEEAM

Tyler Love, Ph.D. candidate in Integrative STEM education, presented at the first annual joint conference between the Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Maryland (TEEAM) and the Maryland Association of Science Teachers (MAST) on October 18th in Baltimore, MD. He also presented at the annual Technology and Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP) conference on November 7th in Harrisburg, PA. Love's presentation topics for both of these conferences were Examining Case Law Regarding STEM Education Laboratory Accidents (specific to each state), and Methods to Address Safety and Liability in these settings. He is also scheduled to present on this topic from a national perspective at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) in Orlando, FL this March.

Love's presentations on tort law, safety, and liability in STEM education laboratories are a result from his work in Dr. Steve Janosik's Higher Education Law courses. From his coursework and collaboration with Dr. Janosik, Love has published articles in The Journal of Technology Studies, The Technology and Engineering Teacher, and The TEEAP Journal. He was asked to contribute to an article in Science Scope. Most recently, Love shared his expertise in this area by serving as the lead author for the latest ITEEA safety book. This book will be unveiled in March at their annual conference.


Dr. John Wells and Tyler Love discuss major themes of the MVC Dr. John Wells and Tyler Love discuss major themes of the MVC

Also on November 11th Dr. John Wells (Associate Professor, Integrative STEM Education) and Love were invited to give the opening presentation at the 100th annual Mississippi Valley Technology Teachers Conference (MVC) in Chicago, IL. The MVC is the oldest research conference for technology educators in the United States. The first conference was held in 1909, and was for any technology education administrator from institutions of states that touched the Mississippi River. Today the conference has expanded to include members from programs across the world, and is recognized as the premier research conference for technology educators. To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Wells and Love conducted a mixed methods content analysis of the last 100 years of conference presentations.

Tyler Love addresses the MVC Tyler Love addresses the MVC

Their study consisted of over 1,200 coded text segments which they overlaid with educational reform movements within the past 100 years to show research trends within technology education and gaps among conference research topics. On the last day of the conference Love and Michael Grubbs (Integrative STEM education doctoral student) were inducted into membership of the MVC.

For more information regarding these conferences, presentations, or publications, please contact Dr. John Wells at 540-231-8471 or Or, Tyler Love at

Newsworthy News online submission process!

Any faculty member, student, or staff can submit directly to Editor Dave Brod your news, story, or event. You can select what forms of media (Newsworthy News, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) you would like to be published in; our link is conveniently located one click away from the SOE homepage on the Newsworthy News archive site.

School of Education Newsworthy News link to see the archives:

Submission Form for uploading your news:

Please contact Editor Dave Brod at with any questions or concerns

Editor Dave Brod
Co-Editor and Faculty Adviser Dr. Carol Mullen