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Faculty and publications, the Annual Superintendents Luncheon

SOE Faculty


Sept. 30, 2014 – Dr. Ernst is the co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation Grant (NSF). Check out the abstract and details of the grant in the link below. Way to go! NSF Grant Details

Dr. Jeremy Ernst (Integrative STEM Education) >>

    Supervised Practice

Congratulations to Dr. Steven M. Janosik, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Dr. Joan B. Hirt, Professor of Higher Education, who are co-authors of a new book titled, “Learning through Supervised Practice in Student Affairs (second edition)” distributed by Routledge Publishing. Their colleagues Drs. Diane Copper and Susan Saunders comprised the rest of the writing team.




Congratulations! Dr. Gerard Lawson, Associate Professor of Counselor Education, who has been named one of this year’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award recipients.

Dr. Gerard Lawson (Counselor Education) >>




Congratulations! Dr. Gresilda A.Tilley-Lubbs, Associate Professor of ESL and Multicultural Education, who has received an International Travel Supplemental Grant (ITSG) award to support her work in Mexico.

Dr. Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs (ESL and Multicultural Education) >>



Earlier this month, SOE faculty Amy Azano, Assistant Professor of Adolescent Literacy, worked with SAFE to organize an “Autism Friendly” screening of Guardians of the Galaxy at the Lyric Theatre. Check out the feature from WVTF:

Dr. Amy Azano (Adolescent Literacy) >> 



Check out Tyler Love’s revised 2014 book Designing Safer Learning Environ-ments for Integrative STEM Education, 4th Edition


Tyler_Love Tyler S. Love, Lead Author, Ph.D. Candidate in Integrative STEM Education at Virginia Tech. Kenneth Russell Roy, Co-Author, Glastonbury Public Schools, CT.

The recently released Next Generation Science Standards have called for science educators to teach engineering content and practices. To adequately address this, safe use of hand and power tools by students and instructors are needed to create solutions to engineering design problems. This completely revised book aids teachers in developing and carrying out a safety program in Integrative STEM Education classrooms and laboratories. It discusses safety through the systems approach, which is dependent on the interaction of varied elements such as the environment, human factors, tools and equipment, processes, materials, and outside influences. The book includes classroom ready materials that teachers can duplicate.

Bondy, J.M. (in press). "Why do I have to pledge the U.S. flag? It's not my country!": Latina youths rearticulating citizenship and national belong-ing. Multicultural Perspectives.

Daniel, R. & Parkes, K. A. (2014, in press). Assessment and critical feed-back in the master-apprentice relationship: rethinking approaches to the learning of a music instrument. In Don Lebler (Ed) Assessment in Music: From policy to practice. Brisbane, Australia: Springer.

Ernst, J.V. & Williams, T.O. (in press). A national accommodations ser-vices profile of technology and engineering educators. Journal of Technology Education.

Hein, S. F., & Skaggs, G. (in press). Conceptualizing the classroom of target students: A qualitative investigation of panelists' experiences during standard setting. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 29(2), 36-44.

Lockee, B. (in press). E-Learning: The next generation. FOCUS: The Soci-ety for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical Trainers.

Lockee, B., Burton, J., & Potter, K. (in press). The absence of design: A review of the standards for distance education. Quarterly Review of Distance Education.

Lockee. B., Yamagata-Lynch, L., & Spector, J. M. (eds.) (in press). Instructional Design for Complex Learning.New York: Springer.

Meyer, C. K., Stewart, T. T., & Vines. C. (in press). Empowering writers: Revisiting literary anthologies as a means of engaging middle grade boys in the writing process. Reading in the Middle.

Missett, T. C., Callahan, C. M., & Azano, A. P. (2014, in press). The influence of teacher expectations about a twice-exceptional student on the use of a structured, model-based gifted curriculum: A case study approach. Exceptionality.

Parkes, K. A. (2014, in press). The evaluation of music faculty in higher education: Current practices.International Journal of Teaching and Learn-ing in Higher Education.

Parkes, K. A., Daniel, R., West, T., & Gaunt, H. (2014, in press). Applied music studio teachers in higher education: Exploring the impact of identification and talent on career satisfaction. International Journal of Music Education.

Parkes, K. A. & Powell, S. R. (2014, in press). edTPA: The right choice for evaluating teacher readiness? Arts Education Policy Review.

Peguero, A., & Bondy, J.M. (in press). Schools, justice, and immigrant students: Gender, assimilation and perceptions of fairness and or-der. Teachers College Record.

Sutton, K., Grubbs. M. & Ernst, J.V. (in press). Design under constraints: Cell phone case design challenge. The Technology and Engineering Teacher.

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (In press). Border crossing: (Auto) Ethnography that transcends imagination/immigration .International Review of Qualitative Research 4(4).

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (In press). The coal miner's daughter gets a Ph.D. Qualitative Inquiry, 17(9).

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (In press). Preparing teachers for diversity through service-learning in immigrant communities.World Journal of Education, 1(2).

Tilley-Lubbs, G. A. (In press). The power is in the partnership: Families as partners in bilingual bicultural family literacy programs. Creative Education.

The Annual Superintendents Luncheon

The annual superintendents luncheon was held Saturday, September 20th, 2014. Virginia Tech welcomed home numerous superintendents from all over the Commonwealth. The event was held in the Moss Arts Center and was hosted by the Virginia Tech SOE. President Sands was on hand to welcome the guests with a spirited speech.


1 President Sands delivering a welcome to guests


2 SOE Acting Director Steve Janosik and President Sands sharing their thoughts on education in Virginia


3 President Sands and the CLAHS ambassadors, Rachel Ellena (left) and Jasmine Porter (right)


4 President Sands and SOE faculty Sue Magliaro discussing STEM education






To volunteer for the Blacksburg events, October 4th, please send folks to: or contact Casey Bailey (, our volunteer coordinator. For Roanoke, volunteer sign-up is located on the VA Science Festival website:

Please contact Editor Dave Brod at with any news submissions.

Editor Dave Brod
Co-Editor and Faculty Adviser Dr. Steve Janosik