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CLAHS Outstanding Graduate Student, Shekila Melchior.


Feb. 8, 2017 – Shekila Melchior, a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education, will receive the CLAHS Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the Graduate School's Graduate Education Week awards banquet. Shekila was nominated for this award based on her accomplishments in Research, Outreach, and Teaching. Shekila became an advocate for undocumented students while she was a high school counselor in Bassett, Virginia. That commitment and passion is evident in her dissertation research on the "Social Justice Identity Development of School Counselors who Advocate for Undocumented Students." She has also made five professional presentations regarding the topic of supporting undocumented students. Shekila is engaged with the VT undergraduate community as a Residential Fellow in West Ambler Johnston, and with the broader VT graduate community as a GA in the Graduate School Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives. She has co-taught five courses in the master's Counselor Education program, has been the instructor of record for one, and currently is teaching as an adjunct at Radford University. 
Congratulations, Shekila Melchior!