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SOE Featured Faculty and Alumni.

David Hicks, School of Education, co-edited Teaching Difficult History through Film (New York: Routledge, 2017), with Jeremy Stoddard and Alan Marcus. Hicks's own contributions to the book are: "Using Film to Teach Difficult Histories," pp. 3-16, with Stoddard and Marcus, and "Difficult History Means Difficult Questions: Using Film to Reveal the Perspective of 'The Other' in Difficult History Topics," pp. 17-36, with Ben Walsh and Stephanie van Hover.

Faculty members Jennifer Bondy, School of Education, and Anthony Peguero, Sociology, published "The Children of Immigrants' Academic Self-Efficacy: The Significance of Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Segmented Assimilation," Education and Urban Society 49.5 (2017): 486-517, with Brent Johnson.

The Counselor Education program (Laura Welfare, Gerard Lawson, Laura Farmer, Matt Mullen Carrie Sanders, Nancy Bodenhorn) just received accreditation of their program until 2023. As we all know, accreditation is a challenging and time consuming process, as well as an indicator of the program's excellence. Congratulations to the Counselor Education on their accreditation!

Vicki Martin, was nominated for the statewide Governor's Award in the career achievement award category. Congratulations on the nomination! Read more

Gabriel R. Serna, Higher Education Assistant Professor was recently provided expertise to an online article on personal finance website addressing 2017 Most and Least Educated Cities in America. Congratulations on your recognition as an expert in your field! Read more

Gerard Lawson, associate professor in the Counselor Education program, assumes Role as 66th President of the American Counseling Association. Read more