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Jennifer M Bondy

Assistant Professor


Jennifer M. Bondy joined the School of Education in 2011 as a Visiting Assistant Professor and was appointed Assistant Professor in 2013. She is currently completing a one-year appointment in the Department of Sociology. Dr. Bondy's research addresses the factors that promote and impede the successful integration of adolescent Latinas and immigrant youth. Her work focuses on Latina youth citizenship formations; school socialization in the context of immigration; and, more recently, the intersections of teacher education and documentation status. Dr. Bondy's research can be found in journals such as Race, Ethnicity and Education; Teachers College Record; Multicultural Perspectives; Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences; and, Theory and Research in Social Education. She has received numerous grants from Virginia Tech and has been recognized as Scholar of the Week. Dr. Bondy has also been recognized by the College for her extensive course preparation in the School of Education and her dedication to teaching. She was awarded the Certificate of Teaching Excellence in 2016.

In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Bondy is an active member of the professional community. She currently serves on the Editorial Board for Race, Ethnicity and Education, the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, and Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education. Dr. Bondy also reviews for numerous journals that push forward gender and racially diverse perspectives in education, youth mental health, and adolescent development (e.g., Urban Education, Youth & Society, Research in Sociology of Education, and Multicultural Perspectives). In her commitment to build the University's and College's reputation around equity, diversity, and the human condition, Dr. Bondy co-founded and serves as Associate Director for the Laboratory for Youth Inequality and Justice. She received her PhD in Curriculum Theory and Cultural Studies with a Graduate Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies from Miami University (OH). Prior to becoming an academic, Dr. Bondy taught high school in South Florida.



PhD     Curriculum Theory and Cultural Studies, Miami University, 2011

            Graduate Concentration: Women's and Gender Studies

MEd    Educational Leadership, Florida Atlantic University, 2006

BA      Anthropology and Women's Studies, Tulane University, 1997

Undergraduate, Department of Sociology

  • Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (1x, 2 sections scheduled for fall 2017)

Graduate, School of Education

  • Gender and Education (5x)
  • Schooling and American Society (4x)
  • Curriculum as Critical Practice (1x)
  • Early Field Experience in History and Social Science Education (4x)
  • Teaching History and Social Sciences in Middle & Secondary Schools II (3x)
  • Internship in History and Social Science Education (1x)
  • Teaching ESL in Middle & Secondary Schools I (1x)
  • Early Field Experience in ESL Education (2x)
  • Teaching ESL in Middle & Secondary Schools II (1x)
  • Internship in ESL Education (2x)
  • Teaching Foreign Languages in Middle & Secondary Schools (1x)
  • Early Field Experience in Foreign Language Education (1x)
  • Teaching Foreign Language in Middle & Secondary Schools II (1x)
  • Internship in Foreign Language Education (1x)

Dr. Bondy's research interests include:

  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Adolescence
  • Education
  • Immigrant Issues
  • Identity

Journal Articles (refereed, *indicates graduate student)

Bondy, J.M. (in press). "Should we carry our passports with us?": Resisting violence against Latin@s in light of political rhetoric. Multicultural Perspectives.

Bondy, J.M., Peguero, A.A., & Johnson, B. (in press). The children of immigrants' academic self-efficacy: The significance of gender, race, ethnicity, and segmented assimilation. Education & Urban Society.

Bondy, J.M., Peguero, A.A., & Johnson, B. (in press). The children of immigrants' bonding to school: Examining the roles of assimilation, gender, race, ethnicity, and social bonds. Urban Education.

Peguero, A.A., Bondy, J.M., Hong, J.S. (in press). Social bonds across immigrant generations: Bonding to school and examining the relevance of segmented assimilation. Youth & Society.

Peguero, A.A., Bondy, J.M., & Shekarkhar, Z. (2017). Punishing Latina/o youth: School justice, fairness, order, dropping out, and gender disparities. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 33(1), 54-70.

Bondy, J.M., & Pennington, L.K.* (2016). Criminals, illegal aliens, and hypersexual spitfires: Latin@ youth and pedagogies of citizenship in media texts. The Social Studies, 107(3), 1-13.

Bondy, J.M. (2016). Latina youth, education, and citizenship: A feminist transnational analysis. Theory & Research in Social Education, 44(2), 212-243.

Bondy, J.M. (2016). Negotiating domination and resistance: English language learners and Foucault's Care of the Self in the context of English-only education. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 19(4), 763-783.

Peguero, A.A., & Bondy, J.M. (2015). Schools, justice, and immigrant students: Gender, assimilation and perceptions of fairness and order. Teachers College Record, 117(7), 1-42.

Bondy, J.M. (2015). Hybrid citizenship: Latina youth and the politics of belonging. The High School Journal, 98(4), 353-373.

Bondy, J.M. (2014). "Why do I have to pledge the U.S. flag? It's not my country!": Latina youths rearticulating citizenship and national belonging. Multicultural Perspectives, 16(4), 193-202.

Bondy, J.M. (2012). Latinas, heterotopia, and home: Pedagogies of gender and sexuality in Quincea'era. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 9(1), 81-98.

Bondy, J.M. (2011). Normalizing English language learner students: A Foucauldian analysis of opposition to bilingual education. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 14(3), 387-398.

Peguero, A.A., & Bondy, J.M. (2011). Immigration and students' relationships with teachers. Education and Urban Society, 43(2), 165-183.

Book Chapters and White Papers (refereed)

Peguero, A.A., & Bondy, J.M. (2016). School safety the significance of immigration. National Institute of Justice.

Bondy, J.M., & Peguero, A.A. (2015). Immigration and education: Complexities and intersecting factors with schooling the children of immigrants. In C.M. Renzetti & R.K. Bergen (Eds.), Understanding diversity: Celebrating difference, challenging inequality (pp. 125-143). New York, NY: Pearson Education.

Book Chapters (invited, *indicates graduate student)

Bondy, J.M., & Johnson, A.P.* (in press). Race, national exclusion, and the implications for global citizenship and education. In I. Davies, L.C. Ho, D. Kiwan, C. Peck, A. Peterson, E. Sant, & Y. Waghid (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of global citizenship and education. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book and Film Reviews (refereed)

Bondy, J.M. (in press). Resource review: I learn America by Jean-Michel Dissard & Gitte Peng. The New Educator.

Bondy, J.M. (2013). Book review: Respect yourself, protect yourself: Latina girls and sexual identity by Lorena Garc'a. Gender and Education, 25(7), 938-941.

Bondy, J.M. (2009). Book review: An unexpected minority: White kids in an urban school by Edward W. Morris. Journal of Thought, 4(1&2), 113-118.


  • 540-231-2015
  • 313 War Memorial Hall, School of Education
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA 24061