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Teacher Licensure Concentration

Teacher Licensure Concentration

The teacher licensure concentration in Career and Technical Education prepares individuals to become middle school and secondary teachers in the following program areas:

For a brief description of each program area at the middle school and secondary school levels, please click on a link for a given program area listed above.

Licensure and Degree Requirements

The Virginia Department of Education has rendered several requirements for individuals to meet in order to earn a teaching license in each of the CTE program areas listed below.  These requirements fall into five categories.  These categories include content area coursework (what you will be teaching), industry experience, professional education coursework, education internships, and licensure test requirements.

The CTE MS program requirements reflect the VDOE requirements for a teaching licensure.  Each program area has different teaching content coursework requirements, industry experience requirements, and slightly different professional education coursework, internships, and licensure test requirements. please click on a link for the requirements.