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Marketing Education

VDOE Professional Education Coursework Minimum Licensure Requirements and Degree Requirements for Master of Science (MS) Degree in Career and Technical Education 
Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
EDCT 5604Foundations of Career and Technical Education3
EDCI 5114 or 4124Advanced Ed. Psych. or equivalent3
AEE 5104 or
EDRE 5404
Research Applications in AEE or
Foundations of Ed. Research and Evaluation
EDCT 5684 or
EDCI 5554
Education and Employment for Diverse Populations or
Educating Exceptional Learners Across the Lifespan
EDCT 4204Managing Career and Technical Education Programs3
EDCT 4234Curriculum in Career and Technical Education3
EDCI 5314Educational Applications of Micro-Computers
This course may be substituted with another if student presents a technology portfolio demonstrating skills in selected technology standards.
EDCT 5654Strategies for Teaching CTE3
EDCI 5264Comprehension and Content Reading3
EDCT 5754Internship in Education3
 Total Required Hours for MS Degree30
Licensure Internship Requirements

In addition to the courses required for the MS degree, the following experiences are also required in order to obtain a teaching license and an endorsement for marketing education:

EDCT 3754 - Early Field Experience


EDCT 4274 - Internship in Business (may be waived)    


EDCT 4754 - Internship in Education (student teaching)    


EDCT 4964 - Field Study (student teaching)             


EDCT 5904 – Project and Report      


(EDCT 5754, EDCT 4754 and EDCT 4964 are all completed during a 16-week student teaching semester)

Content Area Coursework Virginia Department of Education Minimum Licensure Requirements

(Typically taken as part of undergraduate degree requirements)

Candidates must meet the following content area licensure requirements for marketing education:

Content Area Course Work

Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work distributed in the following areas:

  • marketing process
  • merchandising and operations
  • advertising/sales promotion
    personal selling
  • marketing mathematics
  • communication theory and techniques,
    business ethics,
  • human resources/training and development
  • international marketing
  • marketing technology

Occupational Experience

Candidates must have worked a minimum of  500 clock hours in a university-supervised business internship within the last five years in a marketing occupation


Candidates must have worked a minimum of 4,000 clock hours within the last five years in one or more marketing occupations