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Early Field Experience in CTE


The Early Field Experience in CTE is designed to allow you to gain first-hand knowledge about what teaching is like in a CTE area of your choice. You will be placed with a CTE teacher in a school system and be given the opportunity to observe the teacher while teaching, interview the teacher, and interview selected students.  You will be required to observe the teacher for at least 30 contact hours. In addition, seminars will be held on the Virginia Tech campus relating to you specific CTE program area. Attendance is required at all seminars. To participate in the early field experience students must register for EDCT 3754 (1 credit hour).


    Early Field Experience image

The following procedures will be used to implement and facilitate your early field experience.

  • Conduct a planning meeting with EDCT 3754 instructor
  • Instructor announces placement locations
  • Instructor submits formal request for placements
  • Wait for formal approval from school systems
  • Student contacts teacher to set up visitation dates and times
  • Student conducts visits
  • Student writes report
  • Students attend seminars lead by EDCT 3754 instructor (Seminar topics, dates, location – TBA)
  • Student writes and mail a thank you note to your teacher

Note:  When determining the dates and times for your visits, ask your assigned teacher where you should park.  Please be at the location on time (in fact, be around 15 minutes early).  You should dress professionally and be prepared with all the questions you would like to ask during your visit.  When you arrive at the school, report to the main office first.


There will be three seminars held on the Virginia Tech campus.  The titles of these seminars will be announced at a later date. The dates, times, and locations for the seminars will be determined at the initial planning meeting.  Attendance at all seminars is mandatory.


In addition to conducting your visits and attending the seminars, you will be required to write a formal report concerning your visit.  In your report, please discuss what you observed and learned through your interviews.  Also include your opinions about what you learned.  Finally, while you are visiting your assigned school, be sure to collect any forms, promotional materials, etc. that your teacher uses in the day-to-day operations of the program.  Any materials you collect should be placed in an appendix in your report and must be referenced in the body of your report.

Early Field Experience Report Guidelines