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Teacher Licensure / Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Licensure Requirement Categories

Content Area Coursework Requirements

Content area coursework can be defined as courses relating to subject matter that is taught in a given CTE program area.  Each program area has its own content area coursework requirements.  For the VDOE minimum content area coursework requirements by CTE program area please click on the area of your choice listed below:

Related Work Experience Requirements

It is felt that in order to become an outstanding teacher in a CTE program area, one must not only possess up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter, but also engage in actual work experience related to their program area.  The Virginia Department of Education has specific work experience requirements for individuals wishing to teach in a particular CTE program area.  For work experience requirements by CTE program area please click on the program area of your choice listed below.

  • Agriculture Education
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Health and Medical Science
  • Marketing Education
Professional Education Coursework Requirements

The professional education coursework requirements for teacher licensure in CTE are designed to equip prospective teachers with skills associated with the following:

  • Planning and developing curriculum
  • Utilizing various methods and techniques of teaching
  • Guiding students through various domains and levels of learning
  • Enhancing classroom management
  • Making CTE student organizations truly co-curricular
  • Working with students who have special needs
  • Organizing and managing a comprehensive CTE program

The VDOE minimum professional education coursework requirements for all of the CTE program areas are the same.  To view these requirements please click on the link below.  For Agricultural Education requirements, click on the link to the Agricultural Education website.

VDOE CTE Professional Education Coursework Minimum Requirements

Education Internship Requirements

Thereare two education internships that students need to complete, the first being an early field experience and the second is student teaching.

Early Field Experience:

The early field experience is a visit to a CTE program in which the student is required to observe a CTE teacher for a minimum of 30 hours.  This visitation is made in a fall semester early on in the students’ studies.  In addition to the visitations, attendance to several seminars is required.

Student Teaching: 

Student teaching is the culminating experience of the entire CTE teacher education program.  This experience is the time in which students are given the opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills they learned in their university classes.  This requirement is completed during an entire last semester when students are in the program.  Students are placed with an experienced CTE teacher in their program area.  Assignments related to the orientation of beginning teachers are completed along with supervised classroom teaching.  A university professor is also assigned to supervise students to provide additional support and supervision.

Specific requirements for both the early field experience and student teaching may be found by clicking the links below. For Agricultural Education requirements, click on the link to the Agricultural Education website.

Licensure Test Requirements

For more information about the required licensure tests click here>>