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Elementary Education Master's Degree Ranked No. 9. Who is in the 30 top master's programs in education? If you're looking to earn a master's and licensure in teaching PK-6, Virginia Tech may be your destination. The School offers a MAT in Elementary Education that leads to licensure in a little as 12 months. With an National Council for Teacher Quality ranking of #138 and student to faculty ratio of 14:1. The cost per credit is reasonable, and falls in the middle for our 30 programs, at $1394. All in all, Virginia Tech's MAT belongs in our top 10. Congratulations to the Mary Alice Barksdale and Donna Fogelsong on the Elementary Education's No. 9 ranking! Here is the full article.

Congratulations Carol Mullen on the book publication and the interview! Book: Creativity and Education in China: Paradox and Possibilities for an Era of Accountability (Amazon link). Published with Kappa Delta Pi, Creativity and Education in China takes readers on a journey through research-supported ideas and practical examples of creative and innovative schooling within a changing regime. Analyzing the consequences of exam-centric accountability on the creative and critical capacities of Chinese students, author Carol A. Mullen's dynamic portrait of a country serves as both a cautionary tale and an inspiring example to emulate. Examining creative endeavors and breakthroughs within a competitive, globalized educational landscape, the chapters are organized around environmental and global issues impacting education, expressions of creativity within pre-K–12 schools in China, and creative innovation in higher education learning environments. Presenting captivating cases from the field, the book offers novel approaches to fostering creativity as a natural, integrated part of high-stakes education systems in Eastern and Western cultures alike. Interview: On Creativity in China (Education News). Here is the full article.

Congratulations Kris Tilley-Lubbs on the book publication! Book: Re-Assembly Required: Critical Autoethnography and Spiritual Discovery (Amazon link). From an editorial review on Amazon: Re-Assembly Required: Critical Autoethnography and Spiritual Discovery is a gem of a book for those interested in understanding the interface between the personal and political. Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs makes a unique and spirited contribution to our understanding of the complexity and richness of 'doing' critical autoethnography. It is a courageous book pursued with rigor and passion throughout. Possibly the single most important dimension of the book is the appeal to affect, that is, the emotional dimensions of knowledge production including trauma, anxiety, doubt, healing, and love. Above all, the book names the injustices of institutional and social arrangements including class, race, and gender and how they constitute power, knowledge, and subjectivity in an increasingly commodified university sector. Tilley-Lubbs shows us how to engage, confront and reconstruct our worlds through a rare combination of intellect, narrative, and moral purpose.---Barry Down, Murdoch University, Australia. Here is the full article.

Carol Mullen, School of Education, received the 2017 Living Legend Award from the National Council of Professors of Education Administration, the country's premier national organization for educational leaders. The award recognizes significant contributions to the field, including exemplary ethics, professionalism in service, and dedication to research and teaching. Mullen has authored or edited 21 scholarly books and 225 refereed journal articles and book chapters. In 2016 she also was recognized with the Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award from the University Council for Education Administration and earlier this year she received the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award for Service from the Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.

David Hicks, School of Education, co-edited Teaching Difficult History through Film (New York: Routledge, 2017), with Jeremy Stoddard and Alan Marcus. Hicks's own contributions to the book are: "Using Film to Teach Difficult Histories," pp. 3-16, with Stoddard and Marcus, and "Difficult History Means Difficult Questions: Using Film to Reveal the Perspective of 'The Other' in Difficult History Topics," pp. 17-36, with Ben Walsh and Stephanie van Hover.

Faculty members Jennifer Bondy, School of Education, and Anthony Peguero, Sociology, published "The Children of Immigrants' Academic Self-Efficacy: The Significance of Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Segmented Assimilation," Education and Urban Society 49.5 (2017): 486-517, with Brent Johnson.

The Counselor Education program (Laura Welfare, Gerard Lawson, Laura Farmer, Matt Mullen Carrie Sanders, Nancy Bodenhorn) just received accreditation of their program until 2023. As we all know, accreditation is a challenging and time consuming process, as well as an indicator of the program's excellence. Congratulations to the Counselor Education on their accreditation!

Vicki Martin, was nominated for the statewide Governor's Award in the career achievement award category. Congratulations on the nomination! Read more

Gabriel R. Serna, Higher Education Assistant Professor was recently provided expertise to an online article on personal finance website addressing 2017 Most and Least Educated Cities in America. Congratulations on your recognition as an expert in your field! Read more

Gerard Lawson, associate professor in the Counselor Education program, assumes Role as 66th President of the American Counseling Association. Read more


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