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Key Support Offices

Main Administration Office

Professor & Director: Peter E. Doolittle (540) 231-3066

Administrative Coordinator: Paulette Gardner (540) 231-3066

Budget Analyst: Beth Lawton (540) 231-4947

Fiscal Technician: Vicki Baker (540) 231-9126

Fiscal Technician: Carol Duncan (540) 231-5598

Program Support Technician: Darlene Johnson (540) 231-3780

Program Support Technician: Lisa Sheppard (540) 231-5587

Administrative Assistant:  Sherri Albert (540) 231-5558

Corporate Research Center Support Staff

Program Support Technician:  Wanda McAlexander (540) 231-5106

Program Support Technician:  Kathy Caldwell (540) 231-5494

Office of Academic Programs (OAP)

Our office is here to help students achieve their educational goals, figure out what steps to take to get onto a chosen pathway, and to support the process of moving from student to professional. We serve undergraduate students who are interested in exploring a career in education, School of Education master’s students in field and internship placements and licensure, and graduate students at all levels in processing required paperwork. We serve School of Education faculty with admission, assessment, accreditation, records, and supervision support.

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Associate Director: Nancy Bodenhorn (540) 231-8180

Coordinator: Dawn Knight (540) 231-6496

Enrollment Services Specialist: Kathy Tickle (540) 231-9721

Enrollment Services Assistant: Nancy Nolen (540) 231-5348

Field Placement, licensure, teacher education information: Ellen Agee (540) 231-5920

Assessment records: Jeanette McLingberg (540) 231-1145

Academic Services Support Technician: Marie Trimmer (540) 231-0393

Office of Educational Research and Outreach (OERO)

OERO supports faculty and graduate students in the SOE as they pursue research related to education, training, program and product evaluation. Among our goals is the enabling of high quality research and data management in all areas related to education, pursuit of publicly and privately funded research initiatives, and the preparation or coordination of training related to grant-writing, budgeting, and project management.

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Associate Director: Jeremy Ernst (540) 231-2040

Grants & Contracts Budgets Manager: Paul Zvonkovic (540) 231-9694

Fiscal Technician Senior: Vicki Martin (540) 231-1140

Executive Secretary Senior: Christy Dillon (540) 231-4952

Faculty Fellow: Rodd Hall (540) 231-2354

Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)

OIT in the School of Education offers instructional technology resources and support to assist faculty and students in their efforts to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning. OIT provides various services including general IT hardware and software support for SOE labs, classrooms and conference rooms, multimedia equipment loan, workshops and one-on-one training on a wide range of useful software, and website development and maintenance. OIT strives to provide access to the newest technology in education and make many instructional resources available for teaching, learning and research.

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Assistant Director: Diana Wu (540) 231-1741

Computer Support Technician: Paul OverFelt (540) 231-7043