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Career Opportunities for EDRE Graduates


The doctoral program in Educational Research and Evaluation provides students with the opportunity to develop methodological expertise in a broad range of areas including the development and application of statistical methods in educational and social scientific research, the development and evaluation of psycho-educational instruments, and the design and conduct of various forms of qualitative research, mixed methods research, or evaluation research. Thus, the EDRE program prepares students to function as methodologists in a wide variety of settings such as academic positions in education, psychology, or applied statistics; positions in the testing industry (e.g., ETS, ACT, CTB, Pearson); evaluation and assessment positions in higher education; or state- or federal- level government positions that involve program evaluation, data analysis, instrument development, and/or survey administration.

To learn more about the career opportunities that are available to EDRE graduates, please visit the following web sites and complete a search using the appropriate keywords (e.g., measurement, psychometric, statistic, program evaluation, qualitative, research).