Educational Research and Evaluation


Employment Opportunities for EDRE Graduates

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The Educational Research and Evaluation program offers a doctoral program for students who desire to develop in the research methodology in the behavioral sciences; evaluation methodology; qualitative research design, data collection, and data analysis; development and evaluation of psycho-educational tests; and application and development of statistical methods for use in behavioral research. Students who graduate with a Ph.D. in EDRE are prepared for academic positions as research methodologists in education, psychology, or applied statistics; in the testing industry (e.g., ETS, ACT, CTB, Pearson); in evaluation and assessment in higher education; and in state-level and national government positions in which program evaluation, data analysis, instrument development, and survey administration are common activities.

Currently, graduates with these skills are in high demand due to the provisions of No Child Left Behind. To get an idea of the employment opportunities available to EDRE graduates, visit the following websites and conduct a search using any of the following keywords (measurement, psychometric, statistic, program evaluation, qualitative, research).