Things Fall Apart
Final Test
4th period
Multiple Choice: Circle the letter beside the best answer. (3 points each)

1. Okonkwo proves that his is stronger than the “strongest man” by beating _______________________ in a wrestling competition.
a. Ikemefuna
b. Unoka
c. Amalinze
d. Agbala

2. Okonkwo hates his father because _________________________.
a. he thinks he is lazy and unsuccessful
b. he has left Okonkwo without an inheritance
c. both a and b are correct

3. The metaphor “proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten” demonstrates the value of _______________________ in Igbo society.
a. palm-oil
b. yams
c. conversation
d. cowries

4. _______________________ is at fault when a “daughter of Umuofia is murdered.
a. Unoka
b. Mbaino
c. Ikemefuna
d. Umuofia

5. After the death of Ogbuefi Udo’s wife, the leaders of Umuofia give the people of Mbaino an ultimatum, saying that they will wage war on the village unless they ____________________________.
a. sacrifice a chicken to Agbala
b. give Umuofia a young man
c. give Umuofia a virgin
d. b and c are correct

6. Nighttime holds “a vague terror” for the people of Umuofia because ___________________.
a. they believe that evil emerges in darkness
b. they believe that moonlight has sinister powers
c. they think that snakes will bite them
d. they can’t see well enough to walk in the dark

7. The people of Umuofia consult Agbala when they _______________________________.
a. want to know the future
b. wish to speak with dead relatives
c. are trying to make big decisions
d. all of the above are correct
e. none of the above are correct

8. What kind of relationship do Ikemefuna and Nwoye have with one another?
a. Ikemefuna guides and teaches Nwoye.
b. Ikemefuna threatens and intimidates Nwoye
c. Ikemefuna hates Nwoye
d. They do not have a relationship.

9. Okonkwo thinks that Nwoye is becoming a man because __________________________.
a. his voice has grown deeper
b. he has become a great wrestler
c. he grumbles about women
d. he is cruel to Ikemefuna

10. Ezinma is considered to be an ogbanje because ________________________.
a. she is Okonkwo’s favorite daughter
b. she was very sickly as a young child
c. her mother has lost many children in infancy

11. Before Ikemefuna dies, Okonkwo gets him to leave Umuofia by telling him he’s going _____________.
a. to a ceremony in Mbaino
b. to be killed in the desert
c. back to his own village
d. to find a wife

12. In the egwugwu ceremony the men wear masks in order to _______________________.
a. scare away evil spirits
b. scare the women
c. become the spirits of the tribe

13. At Ezeudu’s funeral, what significant thing happens?
a. A lion attacks the mourners.
b. Ezeudu’s son is accidentally killed.
c. His youngest wife faints

14. What happens to Okonkwo after the accident?
a. he is banished
b. he is killed
c. he is sent to his mother’s village
d. both a and c are correct

15. Okonkwo has to leave Umuofia for _____________________.
a. the rest of his life
b. three weeks
c. seven years
d. fifteen years

16. After being exiled, Okonkwo goes to live in _________________________.
a. Abame
b. Umuofia
c. Agbala
d. Mbanta

17. At the end of his exile, Okonkwo thanks his mother’s people by _______________________.
a. holding a great feast
b. sacrificing his oldest son
c. giving them many yams

18. According to Obierika, what has happened to Abame since the arrival of the first white man?
a. it has stayed the same, in spite of the British influence
b. it has flourished under the colonists’ influence
c. it has been destroyed to avenge the man’s death

19. Nwoye is attracted to Christianity because _________________________.
a. he is bored with the Igbo traditions
b. he loves the poetry of the hymns and Bible passages
c. he is fascinated by the logic of the Trinity

20. When the missionaries come to the village of Mbanta they _________________________.
a. build a church
b. allow outcasts into the church
c. accept twins
d. all of the above

21. Why is the killing of the python by one of the converts significant to Okonkwo and Obierika?
a. The python is a revered by the Igbos
b. The convert dies soon after killing it
c. both a and b are correct

22. Why does Mr. Kiaga say that everyone should be allowed into the church?
a. because of the offering money they will contribute
b. because he gets a bonus on his paycheck for each new member
c. because he thinks God sees everyone the same way

23. What is the iron horse?
a. a train
b. a carnival ride
c. a bicycle
d. a carriage

24. By the end of his exile, what has happened to Okonkwo’s place in his village?
a. he has lost his place as a tribal leader
b. he has lost the ability to gain titles
c. he has lost his land and his crops
d. only a and b are correct

25. Mr. Brown is different from the other white men because _________________________.
a. he tries to learn about the tribal culture
b. he forces Christianity upon the clansmen
c. he treat the Igbos disrespectfully

26. Nwoye ends up ______________________.
a. going to a teacher’s college and changing his name
b. rejecting Christianity and accepting Igbo traditions again
c. coming back to Umuofia and asking Okonkwo’s forgiveness
27. Which of the following events happens before any of the rest?
a. An egwugwu strikes Enoch with a cane.
b. Enoch removes the mask of the egwugwu
c. The egwugwu destroy Enoch’s property.
d. Enoch dares a convert to touch an egwugwu.
e. The egwugwu burn down the church.

28. By the end of the novel, who has Okonkwo killed?
a. himself
b. the court messenger
c. Ikemefuna
d. Ezeudu’s son
e. all of the above

29. The villagers have not moved Okonkwo’s body because __________________________.
a. they think it is too disgusting
b. they are afraid they will be accused of killing him
c. they believe that he has desecrated himself

30. What does the District Commissioner plan to name his book?
a. The Divine Struggle: Memoirs of a Commissioner to Africa
b. The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger
c. The Suppression of the Native Traditions of the Niger Igbos

Characters/Terms: Write the name of the correct character or term beside the description. (2 points each)

1. Okonkwo’s first son who betrayed him _______________________________

2. Okonkwo’s faithful friend who visited him in Mbanta _________________________

3. The oracle of Umuofia ______________________________

4. Missionary who rejects any non-Christian beliefs _________________________

5. Missionary who converts Nwoye in Mbanta ____________________________

6. Okonkwo’s favorite daughter ____________________________________

7. Enforces British system of government upon Umuofia _________________________

8. Personal god or energy __________________________________

9. Outcasts who are accepted in the church __________________________

10. Okonkwo’s father _______________________________

Discussion Questions: Answer one question from each of the following three sections in complete sentences. Give as many details as possible.

Themes (10 points)
1. In your own words, what is colonialism? Do you think it was a positive or negative part of history? Explain your answer.
2. Based on your understanding of the text, how do the roles of men and women in Igbo society differ? Explain your answer.

Characters (20 points)
1. Trace the relationship between Okonkwo and Nwoye from the beginning of the novel to the end. How does Okonkwo feel about Nwoye by the end of the novel? (hint: fire)
2. How does Okonkwo change from the beginning of the novel to the end? Trace his life from the reader’s first introduction to him through to his death.

Metaphors (10 points)
1. Tell how Uchendu explains the difference between living in the motherland and the fatherland and how he compares it to a child interacting with his or her parents.
2. How is the way Okonkwo dies symbolic of his priorities and ideals? Why would he choose to die by his own hand?