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Student scholarships, Moss faculty grants, ECTC

March 28, 2014 – -

Congratulations to all the 2014 School of Education Award Winners!!!

On Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 the SOE hosted its Annual Awards Banquet

Wonderful, celebratory job hosting carried out by Nancy Bodenhorn, SOE Associate Director, Office of Academic Programs



Student award winners Student award winners, faculty mentors, Director and Associate Director, and SOE supporters

SOE students honored for earning scholarship funding for their 2013 – 2014 enrollment in various School of Education programs. Congratulations to all of these students for their accomplishments and dedication to Education.

Catie Jo Bianco (Counselor Education)
Yannos Misitzis (Educational Leadership)
Jacqueline Coppage-Miller (Educational Leadership)
Kimberly Williams (Educational Leadership)
Allison Rolley (Career and Technical Education)
Kristina Legg (Educational Leadership)
Lisa Mercer (Educational Leadership)
Matthew Woods (Educational Leadership)
Laura Keith (History and Social Sciences)
Ryan Borden (History and Social Sciences)
Bentry Nkhata (Career and Technical Education)
Andrew Barrett (Counselor Education)
Beatriz Kodnovich (Counselor Education)
Sarah Deel (Science Education)
Morgan Hicks (Elementary Education)
Kourtney Hunter (Science Education)
Tyler Love (I-STEM Education)
Karley Arsenault (Elementary Education)
Sara Johnson (Music Education)
Crystle Reed (Elementary Education)
Dana Cone (ESL and Multicultural Education)
Sarah Edwards (Music Education)
Megan Willis (Science Education)
Brittan Orr (Elementary Education)
Elvira Dimas (Elementary Education)
Billi Hockman (Science Education)
Corrine Tsapatsaris (History and Social Sciences)

Students honored as the 2013-2014 Outstanding Students in their respective program areas:

Susan Alvarado (Counselor Education)
Debbie Hunley-Stukes (Educational Leadership)
Jessica Chittum (Educational Psychology)
Rongrong Yu (Educational Research and Evaluation)
Brooke King (English Education)
Melanie French (ESL and Multicultural Education)
Nicole Johnson (Higher Education)
Evelien SchilderHailing (Instructional Design and Technology)
Laura Segedin (Integrative STEM Education)
Julie Aurora (Mathematics Education)
Kristen Fowler (Music Education)
Andrea Sharpe (Special Education)

Director Mullen’s Welcome:

"Good afternoon Hokie Nation!

Welcome all to the 2014 School of Education Awards Reception.

My name is Carol Mullen and I am Director of the School of Education and Associate Dean for Professional Education. We are gathered for the purpose of honoring our students, a cherished time in the lives of faculty and families alike. Annually, we recognize the many achievements of our students and today we showcase our best and brightest for this year. Thank you for attending today and for helping us celebrate our students' many achievements.

On a personal note, it is clear to me from coming to Virginia Tech in June 2013 that we have really outstanding students—they are high quality and remarkable, and they are responsive, caring, and connecting. Just today we walked a featured speaker, a well known professor in educational psychology, to his car.


Robert Medler SOE donor and friend Robert Medler, who comes to this event every year

Unprompted, he commented to Dr. Brett Jones and myself on how much he enjoyed his interactions with our student body during his presentations and over meals, and how insightful and well prepared he found them. I was at his various sessions and was happy to see the students attend very carefully to his words, ask informed questions, participate in activities, and dialogue to clarify ideas about motivation, learning, and mentoring. A few months ago in the School of Education we held a town hall meeting just for our students in which we heard from them about their ideas for making our School of Education a better place for all of our students. It was clear from this session that we have sophisticated students from different disciplines who care about their culture of learning and who are committed to improving it for the betterment of all. In other words, they are not only interested in their own academic success or even their own careers. They found ways to bring one another into the conversation. Yesterday I met up with one of our students who had just defended his dissertation and when I asked him how it went he joked that his faculty committee did well and that the defense turned out to be a great learning experience.

This exchange is just another example that shows that Hokies have a great attitude, even when the stakes are very high for them. They persist and succeed. They make us proud, every day."

Carol Mullen added,

"We are creating a chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi, to be launched this spring, led by Dawn Knight-Withers who wears two hats: She is a doctoral student and the Coordinator of Pre-Education Advising. We are being assisted by Dave Brod, higher education doc student. We have invited 100 excited undergrads, masters students, and doc students to join VT's chapter. It is a testimony to Virginia Tech and our students that the headquarters of the KDP International Honor Society in Education has endorsed our chapter. This new initiative will give us leverage for fostering excellence in education by promoting the professional development of our students and their fellowship and networking for years to come."


Annual Awards Banquet Students and faculty enjoy a good laugh, Students and faculty enjoy a good laugh, Annual Awards Banquet

Three New Faculty Proposals Were Awarded the Moss Faculty Development Grant (cosponsored by SOE and ICAT)

Upcoming Newsworthy News editions will feature the winners and their proposal ideas: Michele Seibert, Emily Fielder, Sue Magliaro and Liesel Baum Walker (joint proposal).

The award winners will be honored at a dinner with P. Buckley Moss herself! Winners identified earlier are Kelly Parks and Mary Alice Barksdale.

Check out the Newsworthy News archives for the features previously launched about their winning proposals:

    VT SOE Logo
    VT ICAT Logo

Virginia Tech is a Partner Institution for The European Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2014

SOE's own Barbara Lockee is an ECTC 2014 Conference Chair & Featured Speaker!!! Check out the conference link and her bio below.
    Dr. Lockee

Dr. Lockee is Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech where she is also Associate Director of the School of Education and Associate Director of Educational Research and Outreach. She teaches courses in instructional design, message design, and distance education. Her research interests focus on instructional design issues related to technology-mediated learning. She has published more than 80 papers in academic journals, conferences and books, and has presented her scholarly work at over 90 national and international conferences. Dr. Lockee is Immediate Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, an international professional organization for educational technology researchers and practitioners.

The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global university partners is proud to announce the Second European Conference on Technology in the Classroom, to be held from July 9-13, 2014, at the Thistle Hotel Brighton, in the United Kingdom.

Kappa Delta Pi Hits 100!!!

    Kappa Delta Pi Logo

The final counts are in ... just over 100 students have signed up to become new KDPers and part of the Spring 2014 chapter installation process! The next month will be an exciting time as Virginia Tech welcomes Kappa Delta Pi (international honor society in the field of education). Look for a special Newsworthy News KDP edition in the near future!!! Thank you to Dr. Carol Mullen and Dawn Knight for their dedication and hard work to make KDP at Virginia Tech a reality.

Newsworthy News online submission process!

Any faculty member, student, or staff can submit directly to Editor Dave Brod your news, story, or event. You can select what forms of media (Newsworthy News, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) you would like to be published in; our link is conveniently located one click away from the SOE homepage on the Newsworthy News archive site.

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Editor Dave Brod
Co-Editor and Faculty Adviser Dr. Carol Mullen