School of Education

2009 Excellence in Education Awards

Superintendent Region 3
Lancaster Middle School, Bright Futures Banking Program – The program was designed to address financial literacy standards of learning.  Lancaster Middle School established a partnership with a local community bank to open a student run branch bank located within the walls of the middle school.  The banking partnership provides a model where students actively participate as bank managers, tellers, and marketing agents to provide banking services to staff and students.

Superintendent Region 4
Manassas Park Elementary School, Instrumental Music for All Program – The fifth grade instrumental music program is a key element in Manassas Park City Schools achieving their mission of developing children through academics, technology, and the arts.  The goal of this unique program, where every fifth grade student is involved and issued an instrument free of charge, is to provide high quality music instruction as part of the daily curriculum.

Superintendent Region 4
Wakefield High School, Steppin UP Program – The Wakefield High School is a majority minority school. Approximately 75% of the students are Latino or Black; nearly 50% of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch.  Too often the freshman Latino and Black males do not make a successful transition to high school and underachieve academically, the Steppin UP program was initiated.  The program combines relationships with caring adults, regular meetings and strategies for creating a scholarly self-image to improve academic performance.

Superintendent Region 5
E. C. Glass High School, Your Smile…A Work of Heart Program – provides dental screenings and oral health education for young special needs students in the Lynchburg City Schools. This is a partnership between the Lynchburg Dental Society, Dental Careers program and the Lynchburg city Schools.  Through collaboration these groups have established a program that will enhance dental health for these children throughout their lifetime.   

Superintendent Region 6
Burton Center for Arts and Technology, Roanoke County Public Schools, Engineering Specialty Center – The Specialty Center for Engineering provides advanced instruction in math and science for students in 8th grade and higher planning a career in engineering.  The center utilizes advanced technology and internship opportunities to teach students the principals of engineering in a hands-on environment from highly qualified instructors, many of whom carry P. E. certifications.

Superintendent Region 7
Marion Primary School and Marion Senior High School, Partnerships of Purpose (POP) – POP unites elementary and high school students into using their community as a learning lab to instigate positive actions; challenges students to network with groups to implement ideas to benefit their community; motivates students to develop good citizenship, individual/group responsibilities, and community awareness; and enriches student enthusiasm for exploration and discovery while providing opportunities for critical thinking and creative solutions.

Community Colleges

Northern Virginia Community College, Pathway to the Baccalaureate – The Pathway to the Baccalaureate was developed to increase access to and success in higher education for academically capable, at-risk students in Northern Virginia.  Community college counselors provide counseling, programming and student support services in a one-stop format, beginning on site at local high schools, to increase student enrollment and retention and to facilitate transfer to a four-year university.

Patrick Henry Community College, Enhancing Student Engagement Inside the Classroom – Patrick Henry Community College developed and implemented a successful faculty staff development program focusing on improving student engagement inside the classroom through the use of cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is transforming the college classroom culture dramatically.  As a result, the college is experiencing a paradigm shift moving away from a lecture-based model to one where the learners are engaged and more accountable for their learning.